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TV ShowsZee TV’s popular show - Main Hoon Aparajita completes 100 episodes

Zee TV’s popular show – Main Hoon Aparajita completes 100 episodes

The fictional television series Main Hoon Aparajita on Zee TV follows the journey of Aparajita (Shweta Tiwari), a devoted mother of three children, as she prepares them for life’s ups and downs when her ex-husband Akshay (Manav Gohil) falls in love with Mohini (Shweta Gulati). The audience has connected with the ups and downs of Aparajita’s family since the first episode. The show’s many twists and turns have kept viewers curious. The cast and crew of the show recently celebrated their first milestone as the show reached 100 episodes with a flood of fan affection. Scroll to read Zee TV’s popular show – Main Hoon Aparajita completes 100 episodes.

Main Hoon Aparajita Completes 100 Episodes

The Main Hoon Aparajita cast and crew recently celebrated the 100th episode, even though they have all been working tirelessly to amuse their viewers. The show’s cast and crew gathered to celebrate the fantastic milestone with a little cake-cutting ceremony and a tonne of selfies with the unsung heroes who make the show possible. The festivities unmistakably revealed the success and pleasure that the entire crew experienced upon reaching a century!

Let’s congratulate the “Main Hoon Aparajita complete cast!

While the cast celebrated the completion of 100 episodes with a party. There will be plenty of drama in the remaining episodes to keep fans interested. Akshay was seen imprisoned in a deep freezer truck in the most recent episode of the show. The promo provided fans with a huge twist.

Will Veer’s identity as the one who confined Akshay in the vehicle come to light for Akshay?

Are Veer and Chhavi going to get married?

What further steps will Aparajita take to save her daughter?

Stay tune for more Main Hoon Aparajita serial update.


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