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YRKKH Written Update: Abhimanyu To Choose Aarohi Over Akshara?

YRKKH Written Update: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has garnered a lot of media attention. In the opening moments of the episode, Akshara discovers a gift from Abhinav, who is ecstatic to have someone in his life. They argue about the present while Akshu enlightens him about expenses. However, there is some drama at the hospital because Mahima is upset about drawings that Ruhi did on official medical paperwork. Abhi then supports Ruhi, and then there are some additional debates.

While we have seen how much controversy surrounds the false allegations of molestation, Abhimanyu arrives at the Birla house after all the commotion only to discover that Aarohi, not Akshara, is the reason he is free.

Manjiri would continue by claiming that she encountered Aarohi at the temple and pleaded with her to persuade Akshara to make a statement and assist Abhimanyu, and that’s how everything turned out in his favor, disappointing Abhimanyu. Harsh continues by saying that while everyone was applauding Akshara, Aarohit deserves all the credit.

He experiences an extremely emotional time as a result. Manjiri advises him to take it easy. Everything is still unclear. She also tells him not to blame his father. Manjiri advices him to concentrate on his career. Instead, he is transported back to his time spent with Akshara.

Even though they have money to spend, he just thinks about his family’s welfare. Akshara recounts the birth of their son Abhi. As seen in the precap, when Abhinav is questioned about what he gained from everything. He responds by saying he is content to be known as Abhir’s father and has no desire for anything else.

Watch this space for more YRKKH Written Update.


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