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TV ShowsYohan reveals his childhood love's name to Sejal in Colors' Spy Bahu

Yohan reveals his childhood love’s name to Sejal in Colors’ Spy Bahu

The upcoming season of Spy Bahu, a well-liked thriller on Colors TV, will feature some intriguing twists. Sana Sayyad and Sehban Azim play the key characters in the show, and the viewers adore this incredible Jodi. The television program is getting ready for some intense drama to come.

Spy Bahu Update

Yohan reveals his childhood love's name to Sejal in Colors' Spy Bahu

As Yohan forces Sejal to consume sweets, he notices that some pieces are left near her mouth. Yohan and Sejal have started to get closer as they realize their love for one another. He attempts to explain it to her, but instead, he cleans her face with his kerchief. While he tenderly touches Sejal, he can feel her slowly dissolving. When will they admit their feelings for one another?

Sejal visits Abhishek to get the DNA sample, but she is unable to do so because he has already thrown the items away. When she returns, she runs into Abhishek and inquires about the bandage. Abhishek replies that he burned the bandage in response. He hasn’t saved any evidence for her. Later, he says he won’t spare her tonight.

Yohan wants to surprise Sejal on her birthday, so Bambad asks him to write a card for her. Yohan expresses his love while composing the card, but when he is reminded of the divorce, he tears it up and tosses it away.

Sejal’s parents decide to reunite them, but Sejal is reluctant to embrace her sentiments because she fears that if he finds out the truth, he will never forgive her. They both decide to be honest with one another and declare their love for one another. Yohan is astounded to see Sejal because she looks incredibly lovely in the red gown.

In the upcoming episode, Yohan tells Sejal that he had a childhood love affair with a girl he had only ever met once. Sejal asks him what her name was, and he says it was Mahira Mirza. Will Sejal tell him that she is his Mahira? Later, her family perished in terrorist strikes, and he was unable to meet her.

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