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YogaQueen-Shilpa Shetty Opens up about Fate & Struggle

Sushant’s death has led to heated debates and arguments in B-Town. The stars are mindfully opening about what has bothered them about the Bollywood industry for so many years. Many celebs are adding in favour of the existence nepotism in the industry while some just tag it as a struggle. Now Shilpa Shetty has come forward. The Yoga-Queen has now come up with her views on Nepotism.

Shilpa Shetty speaks about Struggle and Fate:

The actress said, “I just feel that a lot has happened in this time, there’s a lot of pent up anger within people. And I feel the only place to vent it out is social media. Most of them are faceless, those who have the face and strength have spoken. I just feel that to each to his own. I’m not somebody who sits and judges a person who has an opinion.”

The Fitness Goddess also believes that everyone has their own kinds of struggles and it’s not necessary for everyone to face similar obstacles. She further added, “I’ve really relied on fate. I came from a non-film background and I worked very hard in my life. If someone says that nepotism is bigger than fate, I’d disagree. It can’t be. We all come with our destiny. If you have the strength and will power to fight and put in that amount and work, no one can stop you from achieving success.”

The actress exposed her spiritual side and shared, “You need to realise that it may take time and not most people have that much strength or patience. I’m a Sai baba bhakt and I always say that ‘Shraddha aur Saburi’ is what’s most important. One has to have faith as well as patience. There’s nothing in the world can be unachievable,” she says, before adding, “Now that’s my point of view, not everybody has to agree with it.”

The diva keeps her fans entertained with her yoga routines. Tell us your views on Shilpa Shetty through the comments section below.

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