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Bollywood MoviesWorld Environment Day: Celebs suggestion for healthier environment tomorrow

World Environment Day: Celebs suggestion for healthier environment tomorrow

A healthy environment may be achieved by restoring peace and harmony in the natural world by minimizing pollution, eliminating deforestation or any other kind of exploitation of natural resources, and so on. On June 5, World Environment Day raises awareness and emphasizes the need for environmental protection.

Celebrities has use the opportunity to discuss how simple lifestyle changes may help create a clean and healthy environment, as well as how they are contributing to a healthier tomorrow. 

Let us take a look at how these celebs are contributing to a better environment

World Environment Day: Celebs suggestion for healthier environment tomorrow

Somy Ali

“I am still convinced that we as a people are not fully aware of the necessary measures that need to be taken to protect Mother Earth. There are numerous ways of protecting our planet. I stay away from anything plastic, use energy-efficient light bulbs, and don’t keep the water running while brushing my teeth. We must respect our planet and we must educate ourselves about the perils of not paying attention to our negligence towards it.

Amit Mishra

“I’m still persuaded that we as a people aren’t entirely conscious of the steps that must be taken to safeguard Mother Earth. Our world may be protected in a variety of ways. I avoid using plastic, use energy-efficient light bulbs, and don’t brush my teeth when the water is running. We must respect our environment and educate ourselves on the dangers of ignoring our responsibilities to it.

 Delnaaz Irani

Making a few modest lifestyle modifications may make a significant effect. Everyone, in my opinion, should do their part to help the environment. To be quite honest, I am one of those people that saves power not because the bills are too high. Because it’s so hot these days, you’ll need to use your air conditioner and fans a lot, especially in Mumbai. But don’t turn out all the lights when you leave the room. Water should only be used when necessary to avoid waste. Even in my society, I have initiated a tree-planting program. I’m also a part of the plant tree movement.

Rushad Rana

We are reaching a time where our environment is going through a lot of changes. When I first heard about global warming I thought none of us took it seriously but now as we are seeing these climatic changes, summers getting hotter, untimely and scarcity of rains, we are understanding that these are all effects of global warming. This awareness was much required, though many are still not taking it seriously. We should be conscious about the environment and focus on what we can personally do and set an example for others. 

Prateik Chaudhary

We’ve arrived at a point in history when our environment is undergoing significant changes. When I first heard about global warming, I believed no one took it seriously, but as we experience these climatic changes, such as hotter summers, more untimely showers, and a lack of rains, we realize that these are all repercussions of global warming. This awareness was long overdue, yet many people still don’t take it seriously. We should be environmentally sensitive and focus on what we can do on a personal level to set an example for others. 

Gaurav Mukesh

I honestly think that modest modifications in our daily routine may make a significant difference in the lives of others around us. And to accomplish so, you must be the first to make the good adjustments you want others to make. When I go shopping, I no longer use plastic bags and instead use my cloth bag. I utilize re-usable and ecologically friendly items. The threat of global warming is serious.

 Sneh Binny

Small lifestyle adjustments can contribute to a cleaner atmosphere. It’s always about the little things that matter. These fundamental changes might include water conservation, forest preservation, tree planting, not littering and instead utilizing a trashcan, keeping a garden, and so on. We must recycle and choose environmentally friendly things.

 Aditya Nair

Every year, we commemorate this day to raise awareness about the current state of the environment and its preservation. While our world leaders work on large-scale projects, we as citizens can assist them by taking tiny steps to make our planet healthier, more sustainable, and hospitable. Our government has been taking initiatives to protect the environment in recent years.

I’m not sure if many of you are familiar with the zero waste challenge, but it is something I strive to implement into my life. I also utilize thermal steel bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles. We raise herbs and vegetables in a little terrace garden. I always choose eco-friendly items and use bamboo toothbrushes and combs.

Hasan Zaidi

Small adjustments may have a large impact. Everything should begin at your residence. Start by avoiding the use of plastic, throwing garbage in the bin, using bamboo toothbrushes, paper or cloth bags, sorting plastic, dry and wet waste, and so on. Organic products and packaging should be prioritized.

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