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TV ShowsVikas Gupta is bisexual - Reveals his Sexuality & Partners

Vikas Gupta is bisexual – Reveals his Sexuality & Partners

The television industry is filled with mystery and secrets. However, this year is for confessions and consequences. Another chaos has stirred in the glamour world as the news of Vikas Gupta is bisexual has shocked many fans. Netizens are spamming his profile with hate and abuse. However, there are also a few who support his choice. 

Vikas Gupta is bisexual:

Vikas Gupta is bisexual - Reveals his Sexuality & Partners

The actor and producer are done hiding in the closet. Now, Vikas Gupta is finally out of the closet and has revealed his sexual preferences. Vikas Gupta is bisexual and he has no shame in exposing it to the public. He has bravely shared the news with his fans and the public through his official social media handle. Apart from writing a post on Twitter, Vikas also spared no detail and share a 53-minute long video on his Instagram.  

Vikas Gupta says he is done being blackmailed by people for his choice of loving people. He also thanked his rumored ex-boyfriends and now friends Parth Samthaan and Priyank Sharma for forcing him on coming out in front of the public. Vikas also talked about the rumors and controversies related to him. He addressed the accusation put by Parth that Vikas didn’t molest but inappropriately physically touched him. However, Vikas was quiet for so long because he had promised Parth’s mother that he would be a better human being than Parth. 

Vikas also revealed that Priyank stayed at his house for 1.5 years after which they two also went on to do Bigg Boss. After the reality show, Priyank started troubling Vikas. Furthermore, he also revealed that he incurred a loss because of Priyank Sharma. He also denied casting couch allegations on him. Have a look at his video below. 

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