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MoviesBollywood MoviesVanity Vans of Bollywood aid Indian Policewomen midst Covid-19

Vanity Vans of Bollywood aid Indian Policewomen midst Covid-19

The world is in grave danger as we all are surrounded by the lethal pandemic Corona Virus. Humans are trying to defend themselves by staying at home and using sanitization. However, the outspread of this disease is very difficult to contain. The Corona Virus outbreak has shut down the whole world. Many countries have gone into lockdown and along with it India. Midst this Corona crisis, the entertainment industry helps yet again. Vanity vans of Bollywood aid Indian policewomen are the latest highlight.  

Vanity Vans of Bollywood aid Indian Policewomen: 

Vanity Vans of Bollywood aid Indian Policewomen midst Covid-19

The vanity vans are known as the luxury trailers of celebrities. They are their moving homes, as they need to travel a lot for shoots. However, because of the lockdown protocols, the celebs are quarantined at their homes, and the vanity vans are not being used. The vanity vans are now providing relief to the Indian policewomen who are on the Covid-19 duty.  

Mumbai has the highest ratio of infection cases. The Mumbai police are on tight duty, they are patrolling the streets regularly, and becoming man roadblocks.  

To contain the outspread of the deadly virus, the police are risking their lives and giving their best to save us. In return, there is only so much that Bollywood could do. The vanity vans are equipped with baths, beds, soaps, sanitizers, sanitary pads, and also biscuits. From last week, the vanity vans are parked by roads and busy highways to aid policewomen. 

The policewomen are also very grateful for the kind gesture by the Bollywood. They have thanked them as it helped them in times of need. The shoots in the entertainment industry are on a halt from March 18. Any type of shoot is banned, until further notice. As an estimate, 13,000 police officers are on the frontline duty of containing the virus. Out of this number, 20% are women police officers. Share your views on vanity vans of Bollywood aid Indian policewomen with us through the comment section below. Stay connected to BollywoodHush for more updates.