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Udaariyan actor Hitesh Bhardwaj gets candid about the showbiz industry

The Indian TV serial Udaariyan is winning the hearts of the audience with its unique storyline. The show has kept the viewers hooked with dynamic twists and turns. Now, the popular TV actor Hitesh Bhardwaj opened up about the showbiz industry. Hitesh got in a candid chat with Bollywood Hush and revealed all about working in the entertainment industry and much more. 

Talking about the show, the actor says, “I got a call from the Udaariyan team a month ago. I gave my audition, we had a few meetings and script discussions, and then I was finalised. Akampreet Singh Randhawa, my character in the show, is an amazing guy. He is an honest man and has his own charm,”  

Actor Hitesh Bhardwaj:

Over the years, Hitesh has maintained a very lean look. “There’s no secret behind this. You should eat healthy and good food, and a workout is key. There are a few people in my life like Pravin, Prajwal and Om Fit team. And they have really worked hard on me and helped me in looking a certain way. So, I have the whole team’s motivation working here,” he shares. 

Sharing about the trends in the entertainment industry, the actor says, “Reel is one trend that has been done a lot. This is showbiz, everyone does something or the other to stay in news, reach out to their audience and promote their work. The other trend that I have noticed is how fashionable everyone has become and how much they are conscious about how they look and what they wear,” 

So, this was all about the actor Hitesh Bhardwaj. Stay connected to Bollywood Hush for more Bollywood Entertainment News. 

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