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TV celebs share fan experience & opines on the selfie culture

For a celebrity, fans are everything. They are inspired by their support to take risks and push their boundaries. They are grateful for the support they receive from their fans and work hard to consistently meet those expectations. Though not all fan experiences are enjoyable, some might also be a little frightening. Here are some quotes from TV celebs about their incredible fan interactions and how the selfie culture has replaced the autograph culture:

TV celebs:

Ekta Sharma:

When I first started, there weren’t any phones with cameras, so the fan used to send me letters, and it was a sweet experience to get them. A lot of fans used to like getting autographs while out and about, but these days many prefer to take photographs and send Instagram direct messages. I make an effort to relate to most of them.

Hitanshu Jinsi:

I went to the Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha, last year. Since I played Lord Jagannath on screen, a lot of people stopped by the gate to say hello. To see me, they had to go 12 to 15 kilometres. They were mostly extremely young schoolchildren. However, as I was unaware of their arrangements, I was unable to meet them on the first day. I ran across some the next day. I’m inspired to work even harder because my fans are expecting me to surprise and amuse them with my performance.

One of my Jagannath episodes inspired a fan to take a step back from contemplating suicide after viewing it, and she thanked me for that in an open letter she posted on Twitter. The fact that I might have saved someone’s life unwittingly gives me a sense of specialness.

Kate Sharma:

My most memorable fan encounter was in the gym. That fan used to accompany me to the gym each day, and he even became a member. But he was too shy to approach me and talk. When I asked him if he wanted a picture, he replied, “No, I want to spend my life with you.” Additionally, we have links to previous lives. I felt stunned. He claimed that I am here to help you remember your old life because you forgot everything. I had a great time laughing at this entertaining tale.

Karan Singh Chhabra:

When I was in Indore, I had the most intriguing fan experience. I went there with Hina Khan for a club launch. Three young people arrived at the club, which was crowded, asking for autographs. In essence, they had a slam book in which they were gathering the signatures of celebrities, and it was incredibly significant to me.

Yes, selfies have taken the place of the autograph culture in today’s society since everyone has a phone, wants to meet celebrities, and wants to share their photos on social media. Therefore, I also believe that in circumstances like these, supporters may become more demanding, which can occasionally become threatening.

So, this was all about the TV celebs talking about the selfie culture. Watch this space Bollywood Life News at Bollywood Hush for more updates on your favourite actors.

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