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Tunisha Sharma Case: Friend Shaan Shashank Mishra urges to hear Sheezan’s side of story

On December 25, actor Sheezan Khan was detained for allegedly helping the 20-year-old actress Tunisha Sharma commit herself. The actor Shaan Shashank Mishra has come out in support of Sheezan and stated that he should be given the opportunity to speak, despite the fact that this has left the entire TV business perplexed. Read on to know more about the Tunisha Sharma case.

“When we learned about Tunisha, I was genuinely horrified. I went to the hospital in Vasai where she was brought in while I was in Andheri. Sheezan was still dressed in his show-related outfit when I immediately reached over to him. He sobbed as soon as I gave him a hug. He was in a very horrible shape that he was unable to speak. Additionally, the cops were interrogating him in such circumstances. Only his mother, myself, and his attorneys were present.” He claimed.

Tunisha Sharma Case:

Shaan Shashank Mishra adds, “I don’t know why Tunisha did it,’ I said. However, I would like to point out that every story has two sides. Everyone has heard Tunisha’s version of the events that her mother or friends have discussed. What about Sheezan, though? He needs to get the opportunity to share his perspective as well. Since he informed me that “Bhai Aaj koi bhi Ladaai nahi hue” when I asked him. Aisi baat nahi thi koi. What’s wrong with having an affair if individuals are admitting to having one? It was quite natural because they spent more than 12 to 13 hours a day working together. However, if they are reporting a breakup, people move on with their lives after breakups. I believe that if you broke up with someone, you should be mature enough to go on with your life.”

Shaan, however, queries her family as to why they failed to recognise Tunisha’s suffering.

“She was returning home after packing things; could her family not realise what was going on with her? If your family cannot see it, you were probably not that close to them. Was your mother not taking care of you, along with other family members? Therefore, it is a significant event. This indicates that you did not have a good relationship with your family and that you began looking for it in your pals. So why didn’t you tell your friends? If you did, why couldn’t your buddies assist you?” He asks.

“There are many issues on my mind, and I’m sure many others have similar concerns. Nobody is sure what set her off, but many of them are claiming that they shared stories, took photos of one another, and even had lunch together that day. She has left us with many unanswered inquiries. Nothing should have happened because there is no one to take their place. However, in my opinion, such situations call for the assistance of family and friends. They need to communicate with them and comprehend their suffering.” Shaan concluded on the Tunisha Sharma case.

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