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Trolls on Ajaz Khan for roasting & apologizing Carryminati – TikTok v/s YouTube

The unsuccessful Bollywood and television actor got trolled again. He doesn’t leave a chance to not get trolled by the netizens. The latest news is trolling on Ajaz Khan for roasting & apologizing Carryminati. The battle of TikTok v/s YouTube is hot on the internet. The users of both apps are fighting against each other.  The fight started with Aamir Siddiqui exploded with Carryminati 

Carryminati is an Indian YouTuber with over 17 million subscribers. His last video of giving a savage reply to Aamir Siddiqui to his troll video for YouTubers broke records on the internet. The video got over 70 million views; however, it was taken down by the app as it violated its rights. The sarcastic video of Carryminati is also supported by many Bollywood and television celebrities, have a read about it here.  

Actor Ajaz Khan got his foot in his mouth by first posting a harsh video on Carryminati and later apologizing for the same. He gave the silly excuse that he didn’t know it was Carryminati he was roasting. Also, his son is a big fan of him, and so is he. Ajaz Khan then uploaded a video with his son apologizing to Carryminati for his harsh words and said, ‘We love you, but don’t use slang.’ The irony was hearing this advice from Ajaz Khan himself.  

Trolls on Ajaz Khan for roasting & apologizing Carryminati:

Trolls on Ajaz Khan for roasting & apologizing Carryminati - TikTok v/s YouTube

Both the video soon got viral on the internet and memes were made. People started trolling Ajaz Khan for his stupidity through memes and shares. Have a look at the video where Ajaz Khan is slashing Carryminati (Ajey Nagar).


In the above video, Ajaz Khan is threatening Carryminati for his video. Now have a look where he apologizes. 


People have made a compilation of both the videos and trolling him very badly on the internet. Share your thoughts on Ajaz Khan for roasting & apologizing Carryminati through comments. Stay connected to BollywoodHush for the latest news and updates.