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TV ShowsTrollers make Neha Dhupia memes - gets fake feminist tag

Trollers make Neha Dhupia memes – gets fake feminist tag

The Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia, who has been doing Roadies for quite some time now, is getting trolled for her sexist comment. If you use social media, then you must have come across the troll videos and Neha Dhupia memes. The actress has said something very shallow and controversial on Roadies. Let us tell you everything that happened in detail. 

Trollers make Neha Dhupia memes - gets fake feminist tag
Neha Dhupia trolled for being gender-biased

Neha Dhupia is currently judging the MTV Roadies Revolution show. On the Thursday episode, she said some nasty things to a contestant who came in for the audition. He said he has slapped his girlfriend because she cheated on him by dating five other guys at the same time. This agitated Neha Dhupia, and she said it is her choice you can’t slap her for it. Her hypocrisy was revealed by the memers on social media. They posted some previous videos along with this episode’s clip. In this, we all can clearly see that she is being a fake feminist and partial by smiling when a girl says she slapped a boy and angry at the boy when he slapped a girl.  

The internet is calling Neha Dhupia biased, fake feminist, and whatnot. She has also said some derogatory words to the contestant. Have a look at what social media has to say about the incident: 

This meme has been doing rounds on all the social media platforms: 

Trollers make Neha Dhupia memes - gets fake feminist tag
Neha Dhupia meme

Social media has become that media that scrutinize everyone and has no fear of confronting. It is the voice of the people and no one can go away with it.  

Her hypocrisy didn’t leave the eyes of the trollers on the internet, she has been rightly bashed. There has been no official statement in return from the actress. People are waiting to hear how she defends herself, or whether she just apologizes. Until then, the public is enjoying the Neha Dhupia memes.

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