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Bollywood Gossip & NewsTop six performances by Bollywood actors that blew our mind in 2022!

Top six performances by Bollywood actors that blew our mind in 2022!

This year brought us several excellent films and a few stars who added some unexpected elements. These were Bollywood actors who, although being extras in the film, ended up being the project’s stars. Here are our picks for the greatest Hindi movie scene stealers of 2022.

Mind-Blowing performances of Bollywood actors:

1. Sikandar Kher in Monica O’My Darling:

Sikandar Kher is well known to fans as Daulat from the Emmy-nominated television series Aarya. However, he turned heads this year when he played the smart and handsome Nishikant Adhikari in Monica, O My Darling. The actor portrayed a smooth criminal throughout the entire film while donning a three-piece suit, and the crowd loved him for it.

2. Gulshan Devaiah – Badhai Do:

Gulshan Devaiah is renowned for meticulously selecting his scripts. However, he turned out to be a treat for his fans when he introduced his role, Guru Narayan, who is the love interest of the character portrayed by Rajkummar Rao. The crowd was pleasantly surprised by the attractive pairing of the two actors.

3. Jatin Goswami, The Great Indian Murder:

In The Great Indian Murder, Jatin plays Vicky Rai. Jatin was a standout actor for the cast because of his flawless performance throughout the series. His role had some intriguing depth, which helped to make the show a huge success.

4. Wamiqa Gabbi – Mai:

Supriya Chaudhary, a character played by Wamiqa in the web series Mai, may have been declared dead at the beginning of the film, but Wamiqa’s portrayal kept the character alive. One of the story’s main drivers was made by the actor’s portrayal of the part. One of the professional turning points for her was this particular job.

5. Paalin Kabak – Bhediya:

Varun Dhawan was flawless in the movie Bhediya, but Paalin Kebak emerged as the most talked-about character. The film has a large number of Arunachali performers, and Paalin, a National School of Drama (NSD) alum, made his presence known through his performance.

6. Surya Kasibhatla – Jalsa:

Ayush, a character with cerebral palsy, was portrayed by Surya. The young performer, who appeared in the programme with Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah, gave an outstanding performance.

These Bollywood actors not only grabbed the eye of the audience with their mindblowing performances but also left a mark on them, which is not common. Many actors are able to put their heart into a role but only a few manage to put their soul. This is what distinguishes a good actor from a great one. The ones who the audience isn’t able to forget and are talked about even days later. This is the mark of a great actor and god knows we need more of those.

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