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Bigg BossTop 5 reasons why Ankit Gupta deserves to be the 'Entertainer of...

Top 5 reasons why Ankit Gupta deserves to be the ‘Entertainer of the House’ title

The Udaariyaan fame actor Ankit Gupta is currently trending on social media for his presence in the Bigg Boss 16 house. The actor that had a slow start in the show is currently soaring with hashtags and memes on social media. Fans have been loving the new side of the actor in the biggest Indian reality show. His one-liners and no-nonsense talks are what the audience has been enjoying the most. Here are five reasons why he is so loved in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

Ankit Gupta:

Smart talker:

Even though he doesn’t speak much or doesn’t intervene in silly topics, he is known to be the person who knows when to talk. Ankit has made everyone realise the worth of his words by speaking only when necessary.

A friend for life:

No matter what happens, Ankit is the person who makes friends for life. He doesn’t like to be friends with people just for the sake of it or the show. In fact, he knows the worth of friendship and has often proven he is real with his best friend Priyanka Charar.

Dashing Hero:

Ankit has the face of a protagonist. He has a rugged and smart look on his face that makes him even more desirable than he is. He knows his style and how to impress everyone.


Time after time Ankit has proven his loyalty through tasks and situations in the house. He has stayed loyal to his friends throughout the ups and downs, especially to his best friend Priyanka.

Breath Of Fresh Air:

When everyone is shouting and screaming his one-liners are a breath of fresh air. The actor knows very well how to stun everyone by speaking the right things at the right time.

So, these were the top five reasons that we love the actor Ankit Gupta in the Bigg Boss 16 house. Watch this space Bollywood Life News at Bollywood Hush for more updates on the show Bigg Boss 16.

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