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Gossip & NewsTop 3 Mysterious deaths of Bollywood actresses

Top 3 Mysterious deaths of Bollywood actresses

Bollywood is abundant with drama, entertainment, parties, events, fashion and socializing but, there is one more thing that Bollywood is famous for, and that is, it’s mysterious and hideous truth behind all the glitter and glamour. This unknown truth has taken up many actresses’ lives, may the situations differ but the ultimate fact of depression and sadness remains common, in this article, I will tell you about the most controversial mysterious deaths of Bollywood actresses. 

Jia Khan 

Jia Khan was a rising actress, her films were – Nishabd, Housefull, Gajhini and Aap Ka Saaya. Her death came as a shock to everyone, as she was a cheerful and perky woman, she had reportedly committed suicide approximately at 11.45 pm on Monday, 3 June 2013, by hanging herself from a ceiling fan in her bedroom at her family’s residence in Juhu, Mumbai while her family – mother, Rabiya, and sister Kavita were not at home. 

From her suicide note, the police understood that the cause of this drastic measure was love, she was in an unhealthy relationship with Sooraj Pancholi which made her distress and caused her to kill herself.  

Here are the pics of her suicide note that police found at the crime scene-


This case has many interpretations, theories, and much more information to it, but all those are unknown from the common public. Are the police trying to save someone? Or hide some nasty crime? Well, the answer remains unknown to us. 

Next up is Parveen Babi 

The old era actress Parveen Babi’s death remains one of the most controversial and most mysterious deaths in Bollywood. She was found dead in her apartment on January 22, 2005, alone, days after her death when her neighbors reported that she hasn’t collected the newspapers and milk, and they were getting a foul smell from her apartment. 

She was one of the top actresses of Bollywood at that time, she had everything, fame, wealth, power, and beauty but what she lacked was love and care from closed ones. It is said that she had multiple bad relationships, but the most gossiped link-ups were with actors Danny Denzongpa and Kabir Bedi. Although her love affair with Mahesh Bhatt tops the chart as he was struggling, married filmmaker having an affair with the Bollywood’s leading actress. There were rumors about her unstable mental illness about she been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia although yet she denied it whenever confronted. She was also said to have depression and anxiety due to loneliness.  

Top 3 Mysterious deaths of Bollywood actresses

To conclude, in the end, all of these were irrelevant and eerily the police stated that the cause of her death was diabetes which affected multiple organ failures. 

Talking about our next is a very popular, leading and beloved Bollywood actress Sridevi.  

On February 24, 2018, in a bathtub in Dubai, Sridevi was found dead by her husband Boney Kapoor who had gone with her to attend a wedding. 

Top 3 Mysterious deaths of Bollywood actresses

There were many speculations about her case but after a post-mortem report that came from Dubai stated that she was “accidentally drowned” in the bathtub, her body was flown down to Mumbai where the family did the last rights. What happened that night in the bathroom will remain unknown, tell us what do you think about these cases in the comment section below.