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TV ShowsTelly celebs advice on eating healthy during the Monsoon and Corona

Telly celebs advice on eating healthy during the Monsoon and Corona

The monsoons are already here, and as much as we all enjoy the rains, it’s important to keep ourselves healthy because the season also gives rise to viral infections. Telly celebs advice on eating healthy gives their own tips and tricks. So, here are some celebs sharing their tips and tricks to keep yourself hydrated and also boost your immunity during this season.    

Telly celebs advice on eating healthy:

Telly celebs advice on eating healthy during the Monsoon and Corona

Jasmin Bhasin:

I plan to keep myself hydrated. It’s important to keep your skin hydrated too during this season, unfortunately, there’s nothing that I can do to protect my hair. I really enjoy monsoon and can keep on going about it. Please keep yourself hydrated, try eating loads of fruits rather than drinking, eat a lot of papayas, pomegranate, cherries, and apple, they keep your body healthy and provide a lot of vitamins to boost your immunity.    

Shashank Vyas:

Though I love the season, it can get humid at times. So, I drink chilled lime juice and Glucon-D to keep me hydrated. Eat a lot of fruits, drink a lot of water, Glucon-D, Electoral to keep yourself hydrated. All these things will really help you to stay healthy during this season. 

Vivian Dsena:

I usually drink a lot of water. My masi and my mother used to prepare buttermilk for me that I would bring with me on the sets too. I also eat citrus fruits and watermelons. 

Kettan Singh:

Be it any season, I always keep myself hydrated. I eat a lot of fruits like oranges, musk melon and I drink a lot of buttermilk too and I eat light since I have been working from home. I would advise people to eat less oily food and drink at least three liters of water. 

Arhaan Behll:

We need to keep ourselves hydrated by having enough water. Nowadays, organic juices are easily available, which is good for this season. I would advise people to stay well-nutritional and hydrated. 

Srman Jain:

I wear light clothes in the season, but most importantly I keep myself hydrated all the time and restrict myself from eating fried food. For my skin, I increase my intake of juices and take proper care of diet. 

So, these were the telly celebs advice on eating healthy in the monsoon season. Tell us what are your thoughts through the comments below. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates on the television industry.