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TV ShowsTelly actors illuminated lights in solidarity against coronavirus

Telly actors illuminated lights in solidarity against coronavirus

Prime minister Narendra Modi had requested every citizen of India to light candles, diyas, or torches. On their balconies or doors on Sunday 5th April. This request was made to interpret the peace and solidarity amongst Indian citizens during hardships. The telly actors illuminated lights to show their support to the prime minister and the essential service employees.  

Telly actors illuminated lights in solidarity against coronavirus

India has gone into lockdown for 21 days to take precaution against the widespread of Coronavirus. The fatal virus doesn’t have a cure and is very easy to spread. The outbreak has just gotten out of hand, and thus the government officials of the country have imposed lockdown. Since then, the Narendra Modi had addressed the nation to make noise or clap at their balconies or windows. Also, now he had asked everyone to switch off the electricity and illuminate candles, diyas, lanterns, lamps, or torches. 

Although many celebrities from the entertainment industry had an opposite opinion on the decision taken by the prime minister. These celebrities expressed their feelings through their social media accounts, read more about it here. There are even actors who showed tremendous support to Narendra Modi by taking an active part in what he has asked of us. BollywoodHush will share the pictures of your favorite telly actors. They lit up their balconies on Sunday, 5th April, at 9 pm, for 9 minutes.

Telly actors illuminated lights for peace and gratitude: 

These were the telly actors illuminated lights in solidarity against coronavirus. The list includes Shivin Narang, Rupal Patel, Aparna Dixit, Amal Sehrawat, Rohitash Gour, Rahul Sharma, Arjun Bijlani, Sharad Malhotra, Vijayendra Kumeria, Vikas Sethi, Rishina Kandhari, and many more.  

Tell us in the comment section if you found your favorite television actor in the pictures above. Also, share if you support our prime minister in this event. Stay tuned to BollywoodHush for the latest news and updates on the television industry.