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Your favorite television celebs share their one takeaway from 2020 to 2021


2020 came as a big surprise, didn’t it? While we dreamt of flying cars and floating houses, an unknown virus took over the world. But well, it was not all bad as we finally got some time to spend at home and do what we love to do. Not to forget the household chores that everyone did as a family. So, before we bid adieu to 2020, here are some celebs sharing that one habit they picked up during the lockdown and will continue doing it. Read on to know about your favorite television celebs: 

Your favorite television celebs share their takeaways:

Pratick Chaudharry:  

2020 made all of us pick up the brooms, and mops, clean every corner of the house and whatnot, and to be very honest I did all. But one thing I did the most during lockdown was cooking. And guess what? I enjoyed it. I tried and experimented with many things which turned out to be really good. Cooked for myself and my family. So, this is the one thing I plan to continue. Whenever I get time, I’ll make sure I cook something for myself and my family and try and experiment with different cuisines too. 

Abhinandan Jindal:  

I used to wash my car daily during the lockdown but recently I met with a very severe accident in which I got saved but lost my car as it got crushed. So now whenever I buy a new car, I will continue washing it, even if I have some help at home. 

Subuhii Joshii:  

The chore that I picked up was cooking because I was trying to lose weight. So, I thought, I will cook my meals. And it helped me in the process of losing weight. Also, I will continue doing it forever. I have everything now, my house help also comes, but still, I prepare my meals. So, I know how much I am eating and I will continue doing that. 

Saanand Verma:  

I started cleaning during the lockdown and would sweep my whole house. It was fun and now I have made it a routine. It feels like I am a part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.  

Manit Joura:  

Right from washing utensils to mopping the floor, watering the plants, giving bath to the pets, dusting, and every possible thing I did because there was no house help. I used to feel that it’s a difficult task. But then I realized it’s very therapeutic. I devoted a lot of time at home. I saw my plants growing during the lockdown. it was such a satisfying feeling. Having said that, all these things kept me away from social media.  

And I strongly wanted to stay away from social media. During the lockdown, I got some things done. And you can say I am a homemaker now. And I have huge respect for all the homemakers, the ladies of our houses, as it’s a tough job and we don’t appreciate them enough. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So, this lockdown made me realize too not to be dependent. And I am self-sufficient now. Even when I go abroad, I do things by myself. And the same thing I applied here. Also, I am not ashamed of it. 

Vijayendra Kumeria:  

Well, 2020 was the most unexpected year. And it’s not like that I have never done the household chores before. But during the lockdown, I started cooking, and now I try to make one full meal every day. I am not a great cook, but recipes on YouTube and Google help, and thanks to 2020 I think I will continue cooking.  

Sharad Malhotra:  

This year, during the lockdown, my wife and I have cleaned every nook and corner of the house, from cleaning utensils to dusting and mopping, we did everything. But what I have continued is helping my wife in doing the dishes post-dinner. Even if I come late from the shoot, I help her out. Also, when I have an off, I make tea for her. And it’s a good habit that I have picked up on. 

Aniruddh Dave:  

I was always a cleanliness freak, but because of the lockdown. And the pandemic, I have become more particular about it. So, this is something that I will continue. I wash my hands frequently now when touching surfaces at home or handling raw food, or after using the bathroom. Every time we step out. We keep sanitizer handy. 

Kettan Singh:  

The pandemic and the lockdown have made us realize the importance of friends and family. So, now I try to talk to my relatives and friends quite often. I have realized, that even a ‘hello, how are you?’ can change someone’s day, so I try to do that.  

Sucheeta Trivedi:  

During the lockdown, I spent my days learning typical ‘Patel’ delicacies that my husband loves. And even now, when I have an off, or I come back home early from the shoot. I make whatever I can. Also, when sometimes I have planned that I am going to cook something, then my husband and I go grocery shopping too. And I am going to continue this habit. 

Yesha Rughani:  

During the lockdown, I learned various art forms like Mithila painting, Warli art, Lipan art, to name a few. So now, whenever I get time, I try to do something creative and spend my day painting. It’s a great stress-buster. And being creative is always good. 

Rajshri Rani:  

During the lockdown, I was with my parents, and I spent a lot of time reading books. I was never an avid reader, but books have become my best friend now. 

So, this was all on favorite television celebs sharing their one good habit from 2020. Stay connected to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates. 

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