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Written Update: Sai starts her internship in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Written Update: On the first day of class, Pulkit greets all of the interns and tells them that they are one step closer to becoming doctors. Sai Virat Chavan, his student, university topper, and number one student, is introduced. Everyone applauds her. Students talk about how great Sai and her husband, Jodi, are because they named each other after each other. Hearing that, Sai smiles. When a senior walks in and tongue lashings them, they explain that they haven’t even performed a single surgery yet and are boasting about their success. He instructs the intern on how to act, etc. Pulkit introduces him as Dr. Machindra Thurat, his senior, and compliments his morals. Machindra harshly requests that Pulkit allow him to speak before dismissing him.

Written Update: Sai starts her internship in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

The interns are then asked to introduce themselves by Machindra. Everyone uses their first name to introduce themselves. Sai’s name is Sai Virat Chavan, according to her. Machindra asks her to repeat it and inquires as to if Virat is her husband’s name and if her spouse must have preserved her name. He chastises her for bringing her personal life into the hospital and insults her in front of everyone. He takes her on a tour of the hospital. Sai beams. He inquires as to why.

She said she is looking forward to her first day at the hospital and that becoming a doctor was her Aaba’s ambition. He describes her as an emotional wreck and claims that every parent, including his father, wishes for his child to become an engineer, doctor, or lawyer. At the hospital, he tells her to be professional. She nods “yes” with a smile.

At the evening event, Pakhi tries to sway Bhavani against Sai by claiming that Sai will do nothing for the evening but take all the glory. Sai, according to Bhavani, is her favorite and will undoubtedly win everyone’s heart. After Sonali disparages Sai, Bhavani chastises her and cautions her to prioritize her daughter-in-law.

Hearing this irritates Sonali and Karishma. When Pakhi returns to her room, enraged, she tells Samrat about her ordeal when he notices her and interrogates her. She spews hatred at Sai and describes Bhavani’s favoritism for her. Samrat massages her temples and tries to relax. While he expresses his love and concern for her, she sets out to remove Sai from Bhavani’s sight.

Machindra assigns tasks to the interns and schedules their work hours. He then instructs the ward boy to notify a patient that his hospital fee has been paid and that he is welcome to visit the OPD at 3 p.m. When Sai hears him, he thinks he is haughty but kind-hearted. She walks over to his cabin and asks him to let her leave at 3 p.m. rather than 4 p.m. He gives her permission. She says she’ll go to the OPD until then. He dismisses her as an intern, telling her she should stay at home and care for her husband and in-laws, among other things. Sai becomes tense.

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