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World Dance Day 2021: Celebrities reveal their Favourite Bollywood Dancers


Dance brings happiness to one and all. Also, for many, it is a way of life. On the other hand, there are others who enjoy watching people create magic on stage. World Dance Day is all about celebrating the relevance and significance of dance in our lives. Whether we are skilled or not, most of us end up shaking a leg to our favourite song. We mostly enjoy our moments of success by breaking into an impromptu jig or often match steps when we are dragged on to the dance floor. And, we all have our favourite dancer, whose performance we try not to miss. Celebrities too are no different. On the occasion of World Dance Day on April 29, they talk about their favourite Bollywood actor, whose dancing skills have floored them and why.

World Dance Day 2021: Celebrities reveal their Favourite Bollywood Dancers

TV Celebs

Mohit Daga
My all-time favourite dancer is Govinda because his style is such that every common man would do it very joyfully. He made complex dancing styles simple and his expressions are to die for.

Amit Sarin
Dance to me means enjoying the music to the fullest and expressing my feelings through the body. And that is why I am a fan of Shammi Kapoor. His expressions, body language, and posters are fabulous and wonderful explained the music and words in every song. You can’t sit when you watch him dance without ending up dancing yourself.

Sidharrth Sipani
Hrithik Roshan is considered to be one of the best dancers in Bollywood. He has amazing flexibility and is able to do nearly anything on the dance floor. His talent and will power is amazing and inspirational. Even after having scoliosis of the spine, a health condition that prevents a person from straining his or her body too much, he was asked to not become an actor. He did not just become an actor but one of the best dancers as well. And he does her own stunts too.

Vijayendra Kumeria
I love Hrithik Roshan as he has got great moves. Dancing is just not about form and moves but also about attitude. Hrithik carries himself with confidence on stage, his dancing skills are amazing to another level. He makes certain difficult moves look so easy.

Saahil Uppal
It has to be Govinda for me. He is my favourite Bollywood dancer. I have grown up watching him dance so effortlessly as if dancing is like a cakewalk. But when you attempt his moves, you realise how difficult they are. Wish I could dance like him. Seeing him dance automatically makes me enjoy and groove to the song. I love his facial expressions that are so well coordinated and connected with his dance. I am a big fan!

Nivedita Basu
It’s Hrithik Roshan always and forever. I can’t think of any good looking and talented actor who is an incredible dancer as well. He is effortless. My favourite song of his so far is Ghungroo from the film War.

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