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Top comic show Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai producer Binaiferr Kohli gets candid on personal life


All those close to producer-duo Binaiferr Kohli and her husband Sanjay Kohli, who are known for their shows “Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai‘ and “Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’, will vouch for the fact that they are best when they work together. Binaiferr says that both she and her husband have contrasting personalities and working styles which helps them work better. Binaiferr Kohli gets candid on personal life and shares, “I want to thank my husband Sanjay Kohli and his team of writers, creative and director for everything. He handles things so beautifully. I am hyper and work-oriented. He is the cooling factor. He is very rooted. I am the soldier who goes to war, and he is the general. He is very cool and much loved. He is the king of comedy,” she says. 

The producer adds that Sanjay’s dedication to his work is incredible. “Sanjay had Covid, and I told him, ‘Oh my god! this actress has got Covid and our stories have gone for a toss!’ And despite having Covid and pneumonia, he sat and made two stories and solved the problem. It’s his dedication towards his work that is amazing. Also, we believe in not stressing others out. Let us not spread the stress and centralize it and take care of it as far as we can, is how we think,” he says. 

Binaiferr Kohli gets candid on personal life:

Binaiferr Kohli gets candid on personal life

Meanwhile, Binaiferr has someone else to thank too for supporting this. “If I have to currently thank one person, it would be Mr. Vishnu Shankar. He heads &TV and, in all these years, I have never thanked him, but I want too today. You go to him with a problem. He solves it despite being in that position. I feel that if there is a problem, it is my problem, and I won’t go to the channel. But if I ever become upset, he is fully supportive.”

Adding further, “He is like my backbone, and that is so important for a producer. I faced the same thing in Sony, Sab, and Star. No amount of money can compensate for this, and I want to thank Vishnu Ji. I also want to thank my actors who came out in the pandemic, motivating everyone. My seni My technicians live in my heart. Even if they call me at 2:00 am, I will be there holding their hand. I have been blessed with the best team. That is the secret,” she says. 

Meanwhile, his year, Binaiferr wants to try different things. “The changes that I want to bring this year is doing a web series maybe. I might make more comedy content. Moreover, I have a couple of thrillers that I am looking at as well. I will do limited work at one time. I have learned that we have to stay united. It’s teamwork that makes everything work. No one unit makes things work,” she says. 

She wants to continue to take on as much work as she enjoys. “Everybody cannot do everything at the same time. We do very limited work. Also, We do three serials max at one time. We don’t cross that amount and might even reduce it to two. We like to enjoy our work. Work with good people who encourage us and appreciate what we are doing. Actors and technicians that we work with are nice, come on time, professionals. If it’s working like clockwork with happy vibes then it’s happy to work. There is no sense in working in an unhappy scenario,” she says. 

However, she feels that she needs to manage her time properly. “Time management has become a task to handle. I am a workaholic. The more work you give me, the happier I will be. If you give me free work also, I will be happy to do it. I don’t need to get paid. But time management is something I am not very good at,” she says. 

So, this was all about Binaiferr Kohli gets candid on personal life. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates. 

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