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Television celebs reaction to reopening religious places in Maharashtra | Rajesh Kumar to Saanand Verma


Last week onwards places of worship reopened in the state of Maharashtra. When the pandemic hit us in March, the religious places were closed by the government like everything else. And since the unlockdown process began in June, the religious places remained closed as a precautionary measure because of the rising COVID-19 cases. So, here’s how the celebrities are reacting to this new development of reopening religious places in Maharashtra. Read on: 

Celebs on reopening religious places in Maharashtra:

Celebs on reopening religious places in Maharashtra

Rajesh Kumar:  

It’s kind of the right decision because we have opened up restaurants, we have opened up bars, so why not the temple. The precautions are to be taken by the individuals that they wear masks all the time. We need to be patient and not gather and make a crowd. Things are opening up, life is moving on, so why the church, temple, or mosque should be away from it. 

Angad Hasija:  

It is a good thing that temples are opening up. But I think it will be safe to visit the temples in our own houses because God is everywhere. So, I think instead of taking a risk. One should offer prayers in the temples or puja rooms in their homes. If you want to then you must go early in the morning, because there are fewer people at that time. I am suggesting this because I would do the same. Recently I visited Vaishno Devi temple, there was no crowd at all. I visited with my friends with all safety measures. We were wearing masks, gloves, and were applying sanitizer.  

Rohit Bhardwaj:  

If the government has ordered so we have to follow it. But the virus can spread in crowded places. So, one can worship at home only. All temples are not closed, recently I visited Kedarnath. Temples are opening in Maharashtra. But I would suggest all to avoid going to public places as cases are increasing. I will visit temples but will try to maintain a distance. If there is too much rush, then I will avoid going. If the government has reopened all the temples; that means the government has the confidence that the virus is in control. I will advise people to stay away from crowded places till the time vaccine doesn’t come. It’s not about just religious places, it’s about any public place, like malls. 

Ajay Singh Chaudhary:  

According to me, it is a good decision because of whatever decision the government is taking. They are looking at overall things and then making the decision. If we see from March till November, the public is aware of the virus and is taking precautions. They are alert to keep themselves safe. So, now it’s an individual responsibility. If people want to go, they can go there is no harm in it. 

Saanand Verma:  

Reopening temples is very good news as everything has been opened so the reopening temple was an obvious thing. It is a very good decision taken by the Maharashtra government. I wish to visit temples, and if get free from shooting early then I will visit Siddhi Vinayak temple and will offer my prayers to Bappa. Taking precautions is necessary like wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing.  

Srishti Jain:  

Temples are such a huge part of our history and culture. For a lot of people, it’s an everyday ritual. I’m glad they’re reopening, at the same time I’m nervous about the situation as we’re still dealing with this virus. But hey, where you have the divine protecting you. I don’t think we have much to worry about as long as people take precautions. 

Rajshri Rani:  

I am happy that the temples have opened up. But I urge everyone to take proper precautions. I feel that one can pray to God even from home, so why not do that.  

Rohit Choudhary:  

Opening all religious places is a good thing, but it is our responsibility to take precautions and then visit the temple. Otherwise, you can worship from your homes too. But if you want to go, then follow all the rules and regulations before visiting. For me, God is everywhere so visiting a religious place proves nothing. You can worship God from anywhere and I won’t visit any religious place and will worship from my home. Even when COVID was not there then also I avoided going to temples as God is everywhere.  

Aneeta Patel:  

Doing good and helping one another is the greatest teaching of all religions. Isn’t God in all of us? So, let’s be a little more aware and caring, we have all of eternity to go bow our heads in front of the almighty. 

So, this was all on telly celebs reacting to reopening religious places in Maharashtra. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates. 

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