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Star cast of Gupta Brothers share their New Years plans & resolutions


2020 is tough to explain, isn’t it? For some, it was disappointing and it was full of ups and downs for the others. So, here’s the cast of Madhu and Mahesh Pandey’s “Gupta Brothers” sharing how it was for them, their new plans, and if they have a new year resolution. Read on about the star cast of Gupta Brothers:  

Star cast of Gupta Brothers on New Year’s:

Hiten Tejwani:  

2020 was good. It taught us a lot of things, although for four months we were all locked up in our house. It taught us that we only need basic things in life, and we have to value time. I got to spend a lot of time with my family. There are no new year plans, but this year I will be celebrating it with my family at home. Usually, I celebrate it outside India or Mumbai, but this time we will be bringing in the new year at home. I don’t have any new year’s resolution as such because I don’t believe in waiting for a new year to do something, I start it right away.  

Rinku Dhawan:  

My 2020 year has been as challenging as it could be. Challenging in a way that I got work ‘Gupta Brothers’ and this was after almost three years, but soon after we started shooting the lockdown happened because of COVID. So, you can imagine my situation. I was so excited to be back to work, face the camera. But we were locked inside our homes.

I did indulge my 2020 in doing a lot of meditation, spirituality, in keeping myself at peace. There were so many suicide cases of people from the industry that was coming in, so it was disturbing, and by the grace of God I was pretty settled in my mind, and I had bigger plans. Considering we are back in curfew there are no new year plans as such, but whatever little we will do, it will be with family. We will have fun at home. My new year’s resolution is just to be focussed strictly on giving better performances and doing good work. 2021 is going to be my new year.  

Parineeta Borthakur:  

2020 was like a roller coaster for me. There were some bad downs and good ups. Bad downs because I have lost some family, I was close to, and good ups like I launched my makeup brand Nyor, which I was planning for the past three years. And I am doing ‘Gupta Brothers’ which is another good thing that happened to me this year.

My learning from 2020 is that we need very little to survive. Everything other than that is just our want and not need. My new year celebration has been the same for years. My sisters also live in Mumbai. So, we always used to have a get-together. But this year they are not here so it’s a little weird feeling. Also, but I am going to celebrate it with my close friends. I stopped planning for resolution long back because I feel they are always broken. So, instead of having a resolution I would rather try to appreciate and be thankful for the things I already have.  

Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni:  

2020 for me was amazing. I got a lot closer to my goals in life. I did a Yash Raj film which will release next year, and I am doing ‘Gupta Brothers’ right now. So, my life is going on the right track. My learning from 2020 is savings and proper investment plannings, especially for times like these, because life is very uncertain, and some things are beyond your control. Since I can’t go to my hometown because of the hectic shoot schedule, my family is visiting me for the new year celebration. We will celebrate it together in Mumbai. My new year resolves to make 2021 the most amazing year of my life. 

So, this was all on the Star cast of Gupta Brothers. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates. 

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