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Srishti Jain on becoming an actor: People laughed at me for running after something with no guarantee

Srishti Jain might be living it up now, however, becoming who she is today has been a struggle for the actor. Srishti Jain on becoming an actor talks about her personal life experience with Bollywood Hush. The actress who would be seen playing the lead role in the show Hamari Wali Good News, says that it all started with her convincing her parents to let her enter the industry. “My father got a job in Mumbai, and we shifted. I felt like destiny has bought me closer to my dream. That’s when I built up the courage to talk to my parents. I won’t lie, it took some time but eventually they agreed. I guess they realized how passionate I was about acting,” she says. 

Well, her struggle didn’t end there. The Meri Durga actor says that there were many others along the way to dissuade her, but she carried on. “The real struggle began when I started auditioning, I knew nothing about the industry or how to go about things. I can account for at least three years of countless auditions while managing my college and lectures. I remember I would travel by metro in those days. It wasn’t easy, and there were times when people around me laughed at me, they taunted me for being stupid and chasing after something that wasn’t guaranteed. When I got my first break, I quit design college.” 

Srishti Jain on becoming an actor:

She adds, “That was a huge decision, and I was advised against it by everyone, but my parents supported me. Today, I’m glad I took that step, I wouldn’t have been here today without that. Then I perused my graduation in psychology through correspondence while shooting for my show. God has been great to me, and I’m very thankful,” she says. 

Talking about her show and her role as Navya, she says, “The show is very interesting. It’s unique, fresh, and progressive. Navya is a girl-next-door, she’s strong-headed and believes in standing up for what’s right and voicing her opinion. She’s full of life. Moreover, she’s got married quite early because of family pressure. She’s 23 years old and is still a child at heart. But at the same time, she’s mature and stable-minded. She’s always happy and never really gets upset. She also loves everyone.” 

Ask her what does good news means to you, and she says, “Personally, when I see people close to me progress and do well, that to me is good news for me. Whenever a family member or a friend calls me to tell me that they’ve either got a new job or a promotion or they’ve made progress in any way, that makes me happy.” 

So, this was all on Srishti Jain on becoming an actor. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more inside stories on your favorite celebrities. 

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