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Spoiler Alert! Samrat To Help Sai Feel At Home In Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein


Sai’s return to Chavan mansion after her accident is a huge change for Star Plus’ serial Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein. We’ve seen Sai consider her relationship with Virat to be more than just pals in the past. The new promo, in which Virat is acting distant from Sai while Sai believes they should take their relationship to the next level, leaves viewers perplexed as to what is in store for them.

Pakhi is also seen in the trailer instilling doubts in Sai’s mind about Virat. Viewers have high expectations for the show, but only time will tell whether those expectations are realized.

Spoiler Alert! Samrat To Help Sai Feel At Home In Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein

Everyone is getting ready for Diwali, while Karishma is doing the rangoli. Sai and Virat should get closer, Ashwini desires. With her bags, Sai enters Virat’s room. Virat is content. When Sai finds Virat in his uniform, he interrogates him. Virat recalls DIG asking him to keep the mission a secret, so he informs Sai about the operation’s secrecy.

Sai is upset because this is their first Diwali together. Virat intervenes to stop Sai from sobbing. They both descend the stairs. There, Virat notifies everyone about the important meeting and how Sai has decided to visit his room. Ashwini is concerned that Sai and Virat will avoid each other during the mission, which could be a terrible omen for them. Pakhi believes Sai and Virat are becoming closer.

Virat and Sai perform the puja, after which Sai departs from Virat. Everyone develops an emotional response. Pakhi cautions Sai that she went to Virat’s room to see him, but he departed for service and that he would soon find someone else to crush the hopes he gave you, just as he did with mine.

Sai is irritated. Later, she has a dream in which her father instructs her to believe in Virat and ignore Pakhi, so Sai does. Virat sees Sadanand here and attempts to persuade him, but Sadanand refuses because he is doing this for his family. Pakhi mocks Sai, implying that she is receiving sympathy because Virat is not present. Sadanand is having second thoughts about his strategy. While Sai misses Virat, the Chavan’s make her feel at home.

Devyaani will question Sai in the future episodes about why she authorized Virat to leave alone when she knows something horrible could happen. Sai will be worried, and one of her bangles will shatter, and a bomb will detonate near Virat’s car.

Is Bhavani capable of bringing Virat and Sai closer together in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein? Will Virat and Sai admit their feelings for the other? Who is re-entering Virat’s life? Will Pakhi cause Virat additional problems?

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