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Spoiler Alert: New trouble awaits in Pandya Store


Pandya Store has been consistently churning up enormous twists and turns. And while things are unfolding one by one, there is yet more to come. We’ll see how everyone in the home gets reminded of Shiva and Raavi’s divorce hearing in the future, and how this makes everyone upset. Dev, Gautam, and Dhara all request that Shiva talk things over with them and postpone the divorce date. Dhara also emphasizes how all he has to do is take one step towards Raavi and she will run back to him, as well as telling him what she believes is the source of his rage.

Spoiler Alert: New trouble awaits in Pandya Store

‘Fui,’ on the other hand, informs Anita that she’ll never be able to get Dhara out of Gautam’s head. Meanwhile, baa instructs a panditji to search for rishtas for Shiva, which irritates Raavi. Raavi pays a visit to ‘maasi maa,’ who appears pleased with her return, but she tells the truth: they haven’t sent her away, and she is here to collect the court paperwork.

In the midst of it all, Rishita arrives with sweets after landing a job, but no one reacts appropriately due to the chaos. Dhara congratulates her and offers her the sweet, but Baa intervenes. Dhara then hands her the bangles, explaining that she had acquired better ones for her because she was feeling horrible. Rishita, on the other hand, is disturbed once more since she sees everyone is unhappy, but when the celebrations begin, she is irritated once more, along with everyone.

Raavi goes up to Shiva to warn him that he should talk to her and not be alone. She still brings him a glass of milk as Dhara requested, even though he has a headache. This makes Shiva worry about how Raavi is becoming more and more like Dhara. Which he did not expect to happen. They share a moment in which Shiva informs Raavi that she will be suffering from a headache as well. Given the upcoming court date. Both of them are left in silence. While Rishita advises them that conflicts aren’t essential, but comprehending the love that lies beneath them is.

We’ll also see how Krish gets himself into problems for supposedly attempting to flee with Janardhan’s kid. Dhara then receives a call from the station and rushes to take care of issue. She passes out on the way.

What is going to happen next, and how will things change? Keep reading this space for more Pandya Store updates.

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