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Spoiler Alert! Esha to fuel-up Raghav in ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali’


Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali,’ a Star Plus show, is receiving a lot of love and adoration from the audience. The show’s current plot centers around Pallavi bringing Raghav’s ex-girlfriend to the Rao home. Raghav is filled with remorse after spending the night with Esha. Raghav has been unable to own his error to Pallavi.

Spoiler Alert! Esha to fuel-up Raghav in ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali’

Esha throws the juice that Keerti was ready to eat in the next episode. Keerti loses her cool and slaps Esha in the face. Pallavi encourages Keerti to at the very least give Esha a chance to clarify. According to Esha, Keerti was going to drink papaya juice, which would have caused her to miscarry, so she threw the glass away. Esha becomes disturbed and sobs. Pallavi offers her consolation. Esha informs her that the entire Rao family despises her.

Sunny manipulates Esha by telling her that she should strive to reintegrate Raghav into her life because he is unhappy with Pallavi. After all, she has completely transformed him. Raghav’s allure has faded. Esha doesn’t offer him a direct answer. Sunny is confident that Esha will change her mind.

Raghav intends to take Pallavi on a honeymoon so that he may be away from Esha and devote all of his love and attention to her.

A few members of the workforce have negative things to say about Esha. She takes a video of it and shows it to Raghav. Raghav loses his calm and punches a member of the crew. Pallavi jumps in and tells him to stop. Raghav sticks to his guns, leaving Esha upset. Later, Esha confronts Raghav and informs him that he has changed, as the Raghav she knew would have put a staff member in the hospital for speaking poorly of her, but that he is now a different person.

Milind is perplexed when he sees Sulochana’s doppelganger.

Esha later manipulates Raghav by asking him to be the Raghav he has always been. During a press conference, Raghav misbehaves. Pallavi cautions Esha not to provoke her husband.

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