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SHOCKING! Pandya Store Catches Fire


With its riveting storyline and intriguing turns, daily soap Pandya Store has earned a place in everyone’s heart. Fans identify with each character in the show and lavish their affection on the three couples, with Shiva and Raavi topping the charts as their favorites.

The Pandya family visits Seth’s home to make amends. Dhara and Suman are hoping that Dev and Rishita will return home. Dhara gives Rishita her necklace, which goes missing, causing a great crisis. Janardhan, on the other hand, is plotting to get Gautam intoxicated and cause a misunderstanding between Dev and Gautam.

SHOCKING! Pandya Store Catches Fire

When Gautam Dhara Shiva Raavi arrives at the Pandya Store, the store is on fire. They were unable to save the store due to the size of the fire. Gautam Shiva Dhara Raavi manages to obtain a pail of water and tries to put out the fire, but it’s too late.

The Pandya Store Board collapses, causing the entire store to burn. Dev rushes to the store after hearing the news, but Gautam loses his temper and slaps him across the face. Gautam is embarrassed to have a brother like Dev, who set fire to their own business. Gautam and Shiva obtain the proof, indicating that Dev is at fault for the fire.

Janardan and Kamini had previously stated that they wished to destroy the Pandya family. Janardan also wants Rishita to stay with them rather than with the Pandya family from the middle class. As a result, Janardan and Kamini plot various grand plans, all of which fail at first. But this time they pulled off a brilliant masterstroke.

Rishita’s emotions are explored in the next track, while Janardan plays with Dev’s. Dev is caught in the act of setting fire to the Pandya Store, which Shiva assumes he did. Gautam Dhara Suman loses all hope, and Janardan Kamini is eventually victorious because the store is fully burned down.

What happens next in the episode will be fascinating to see.

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SHOCKING! Pandya Store Catches Fire

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