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Serial Update: Udaariyaan 4th August 2022 Written Update


Serial Update: Amanpreet admits that Candy is his daughter. Jasmine is curious about this newcomer. Since she is aware of Amanpreet’s fondness for sweets, she begs Simran to bring some. Simran has memories of Amanpreet abusing her. When Candy arrives, she inquires about Simran’s toys. Amanpreet claims that Candy and he have similar faces. He tries to approach Candy, but Simran shields her. She invites Candy inside. Candy receives sweets from Amanpreet. Candy declines, claiming that his mother had taught him not to accept gifts from strangers or anything else.

Serial Update: Udaariyaan 4th August 2022 Written Update

Amanpreet informs Candy that his mother frequently interacts with outsiders. Fateh is enraged by Amanpreet’s cheap statements with double meanings. Tejo steps in between him and Candy before he can touch him and expose his actual nature to him. Tejo orders Amanpreet to avoid Candy furiously. Mahi is asked to bring Candy inside by Tejo. Candy enters the building with Mahi. Jasmine is perplexed as to why her sister meddles in everyone’s affairs. Since he is Candy’s father, Amanpreet requests that Simran keep her sister-in-law under control. Amanpreet is being dragged by an enraged Fateh, who has grabbed his collar. Fateh is stopped by Tejo, Khushbeer, and Fateh’s grandfather.

Tejo inquires of Amnpreet as to why he remembered today, five years later, that he was Candy’s father. She inquires as to what transpired back when he vowed to marry Simran and abandoned her while she was still pregnant. Tejo queries Amanpreet about whether or not he once had obligations to Candy. She queries Amanpreet as to what right Candy currently desires. Tejo is referred to by Amanpreet as “beauty with brains” in a cheap tone. He replies to Simran by himself to Tejo’s query. Once more, Fateh assaults Amanpreet. Amanpreet makes loud, cheesy jokes. Once more, Tejo, Khushbeer, and Fateh’s grandfather stop him. Tejo requests that Fateh contact the police because only they can discipline Amanpreet.

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