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Serial Update: Spy Bahu, 27th June 2022, Written Update


Spy Bahu Update : Sejal wonders whether she needs to find out if Abhishek is Farheed as the current episode opens. The absence of lighting in the mansion astounds Sejal. Yohan catches her off guard and sends her birthday greetings. Sejal is delighted when he also addresses her as “Sejal.” When Minal calls, Sejal breaks down. She embraces Minal and Saras. Sejal makes a cake out of her favorite Mohanthal treat. She forces everyone to consume the treat. Arun is missing it. Minal goes to Arun to apologize for all she said. Arun belittles her. On her behalf, Veera apologizes to Minal. Sejal is moved to the side by Minal.

Serial Update: Spy Bahu, 27th June 2022, Written Update

Sejal queries if she has forgiven her. Minal informs her that she is well aware of the details of the mission and her sacrifices. She admits that she is aware that relationships are not just based on kinship. Sejal has the thought of finding out if Abhishek is Farheed. She chose to take the DNA examination. Yohan looks at her while she snoozes on the couch in her room. Sejal is preoccupied with thoughts of Farheed’s death. Yohan approaches her after deciding to give their marriage another chance. When Sejal awakens, she inquires if anyone has any specific questions. Yohan declines and queries the state of her hand. Sejal agrees and expresses her gratitude to him for everything.

She admits to Yohan that after the celebration, she briefly felt at home. Yohan informs her that tomorrow she will have a surprise. Sejal zzz’s. Sejal makes Sheer Khurma for everyone the following day. Veera informs Minal that Sejal’s presence makes the Nanda family feel complete. Everyone receives a thepla from Minal. Sheer Khurma is served by Sejal. Mahira is in Abhishek’s memory. The bowl drops to the ground just as he is about to pick it up. While snatching it up, Abhishek sustains damage. His hand is held by Sejal.

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