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Serial Update: Imlie, 27th June 2022, Written Update


Imlie Serial Update: As the episode opens, Aryan notices Imlie is sleeping. He approaches her and gives her a back hug. Imlie, who is Sundar, becomes tense. Imlie is amused by the incident while standing back. Sundar stumbles off the bed as Aryan pulls on his hands. Imlie takes his spot after he rolls under the bed. She receives an apology from Aryan, who also explains that Madhav’s case kept him in jail. Imlie admits to him that she was unable to acquire proof. She is asked by Aryan to simply join him for breakfast and put everything else aside. After some time, Jyoti shows in as Kairi is still cooking in the kitchen.

Serial Update: Imlie, 27th June 2022, Written Update

If she thinks of herself as her friend, Jyoti asks her to kill Imlie. Kairi becomes anxious. Harry is directed by Jyoti to kill Imlie. Harry struggles with Imlie’s pregnancy. He is informed by Jyoti that he would murder Imlie and that Kairi will be held accountable. Kairi confesses to Jyoti that she murdered Imlie and dismembered her into 55 parts over breakfast. The real tamarind is inside the bowl when Jyoti opens it. She is asked to leave by Jyoti, who lashes out at her. To be with Aryan, Kairi disguises herself as Imlie. Harry is asked by Jyoti to kill Imlie. Harry notices Kairi as she takes off her wig. Imlie is known to Harry as Kairi.

He is informed by Imlie that she is extremely aware of Jyoti’s and his plans. He attempts to harm Imlie. Imlie appeals to Aryan for assistance. Harry informs her that the only way for him to escape Jyoti is by killing her. Imlie cries out for assistance as she struggles. She warns him that he will take two lives. As Aryan continues to assist Imlie, Jyoti pretends to break a bone. Aryan asks Sundar to accompany Jyoti to the hospital. Imlie cries out for aid. Harry tells her he has no choice but to keep attacking her. Reaching out, Aryan is startled.

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