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Pandya Store Twist! Gautam to give Agni Pariksha for Dhara


With its riveting storyline and intriguing turns, daily soap Pandya Store has earned a place in everyone’s heart. Fans like each character in the program and lavish their affection on the three couples, with Shiva and Raavi frequently topping the list of their favorites.

Pandya Store Twist! Gautam to give Agni Pariksha for Dhara

Gautam is currently receiving a call from the doctor, who requests that he come to the clinic as soon as possible to discuss a severe concern with Dhara’s pregnancy. He hurries to the clinic without thinking about Ramleela. The host informs them that Gautam has gone missing when they are called to the stage.

Previously, Gautam goes to see the doctor, who informs that despite the passage of time, Dhara’s fetus has not grown, which could be a serious problem. She asks him not to tell Dhara anything. He returns home instead of going to the pandal and hides the file. Dhara, on the other hand, begins to have doubts about Gautam. She confesses that he was contacted by a female and he raced out; later, she sees him with a girl and suspects that he is cheating on her.

His absence causes pandemonium at the Ramleela. With Prafulla inciting the audience to ban Pandya Parivaar from all social gatherings, and Dhara backstage expressing her displeasure on the microphone. Everyone laughs at their Ram Leela as a result of this. The director pushes Krish to take on the role of Ram on stage. Dhara refuses to join him, turning the sequence into a farce. The audience becomes irritated as they wait for Gombi to resume the performance.

When Dhara finds Gautam chatting to a female in the next episode, she becomes enraged. Her uncertainty evolves into belief. When she confronts Gombi about her pregnancy, he attempts to avoid it. He doesn’t want to confess the truth, and the two end up fighting. Gombi asks, “What should I do to persuade you? Should I give you the same Agni Pariksha as Sita?” Dhara quips that if that is what it takes to re-establish her trust in him, then that will be the condition.

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