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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Spoiler Update: Pallavi makes masterplan to make Raghav quit drinking


The Star Plus show “Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali” is about to take a big turn. Raghav is remembering his ex-girlfriend in the latest episode, while Keerti is dissatisfied with her pregnancy. Keerti tells Sunny in the last episode that she doesn’t want the baby. Pallavi is the one who hears it.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Spoiler Update: Pallavi makes masterplan to make Raghav quit drinking

Pallavi enters the room and speaks with Keerti, telling her that she can balance both her kid and her work in the following episode. She inspires her and encourages her to reconsider her decision. Sunny is overjoyed because Pallavi has persuaded Keerti.

Sunny notifies Raghav of the wonderful news. Raghav would have to face the situation gracefully and accept Sunny, Pallavi assures him. Raghav concurs. Pallavi refuses to offer him booze when he asks. Raghav has a blood test and must fast for 12 hours, so Pallavi prepares a variety of foods for him. Pallavi prepares a dish that Raghav associates with his ex-girlfriend Isha. He informs Pallavi that he is receiving signs from his ex. He informs her that she betrayed his trust, but just as he was about to mention her name, Pallavi interrupts him and says she doesn’t care about his history.

The two go to the doctor for a blood test and meet Isha. Raghav is taken aback when he learns the doctor’s identity and then meets him. He has a feeling that something is going to happen because his ex-girlfriend’s name keeps coming up.

In a meeting, Isha’s supervisor informs her that she will be meeting with the owner of Jayati Jewels, as well as Raghav Rao. Isha becomes nervous and considers how she will deal with Raghav’s hostility.

Pallavi receives the reports, which show that Raghav is fine and can drink for the next 2-3 years, but that beyond that time, he may have problems such as cancer, liver damage, infertility, and so on. Pallavi hears about infertility and has a suggestion. She phones Raghav and tells him that she would return home and inform him of the reports. Raghav becomes frightened.

Isha also sees Pallavi in the Rao residence. Pallavi introduces her as Raghav’s wife. Raghav walks in. Isha becomes agitated, while Raghav becomes enraged.

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