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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi update: Neha and Ranveer’s relationship trouble disclosed in front of Dev and Sonakshi


Sanjana tells Dev in the newest episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi that Minal was her sister who fled away with her boyfriend. She explains how her pregnancy brought her family closer together. However, her brother-in-law and her father had a dispute not long after. The family went their separate ways, and one by one, they died. She goes on to say that she learned about the baby swap from a hospital in Kolkata.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi update: Neha and Ranveer's relationship trouble disclosed in front of Dev and Sonakshi

Dev doesn’t think she’s telling the truth. He informs her that she is saying all of this after expressing her feelings for him. She assures him that she is not lying and that she will prove herself to be Suhana’s masi. She exits his office without saying anything.

When Dev gets home, he finds the kids having fun. Suhana rushes up to Dev’s side. He catches her barely in time after she slips. Dev informs Sonakshi that he wishes to speak with her about an important matter. Ranveer, Neha’s husband, enters just then. Ishwari decides to prepare them a meal. Sonakshi examines Sanjana’s transfer letter but is unable to discuss it with Dev.

Lunch is shared by the entire family. Everyone has overfed Ranveer. Sonakshi is praised by him for keeping the family together and refusing to live separately. Sonakshi, Dev, and Ishwari exchange glances. Sanjana recalls Dev’s remark about her being a liar in another scene. She becomes enraged and destroys property.

Ishwari inquires Ranveer about their relationship. Dev insists on the truth being disclosed when Ranveer denies it. Neha does not want to live with Ranveer’s ill mother, according to Ranveer. He claims that he has nothing against Neha, but that he needs time and money to find a new home for his mother and a caregiver. As a result, Neha decided to leave the house. Neha is irritated by this.

Reena, Sanjana’s friend, arrives to find the house in disarray. Sanjana’s complaint is heard by her. Sanjana informs her that Dev believes her motives are erroneous. Reena inquires if she has any concrete evidence that she is Suhana’s masi. This sparks an idea in Sanjana’s head.

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