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IPL fever grips the country! Television actors on IPL and their favorite team


The much-awaited Indian Premier League has started, and cricket fans all over the country are ready to witness yet another exciting cricket tournament! As everyone makes time to watch their favorite team in action for the match, being held in Dubai, we as your favorite stars, how excited are they about the match, and who are they supporting this IPL season! Television actors on IPL and their favorite team. 

Television actors on IPL:

Television actors on IPL

Vijayendra Kumeria-   

I am excited as it has been a long time that we haven’t enjoyed cricket. IPL matches are always very entertaining. It’s always a difficult choice to have one favorite team as all your favorite players are scattered but this time I have a clear choice and it’s Chennai super kings for Dhoni and obvious reasons. I don’t flip channels even in breaks and that’s the only ritual I follow as I feel whenever I do that the game just changes you can call it superstition. 


Subuhii Joshii-  

I always enjoyed watching IPL with my friends. We used to go out to Lounges to enjoy the matches. But because of this pandemic that isn’t gonna happen this year. I also used to go to the stadium at least for 1 match but that too isn’t possible this time since the matches are in UAE. So, I will enjoy the match at home only this time with my 1 or 2 close friends, while maintaining social distancing. I’ve always been a huge supporter of Mumbai Indians, and this time too I’ll be supporting them. When it comes to matches, I’m very superstitious, I wear my lucky color on the day of my favorite team’s match, and I do not touch the remote or change the channel before their inning. Hardik Pandya and Rohit Sharma would be my fav IPL players. 


Saanand Verma-  

Recently, I bought a 65-inch television, and it’s worth rupees five lakh. It is Oled television, and I bought it just to watch IPL, and in IPL I want to see Mahendra Singh Dhoni to play. I am a very big fan of Dhoni, and I heard about his retirement that he will only play IPL than I thought ipl is the only way where we can watch legendary Mahendra Singh Dhoni play cricket. Due to the pandemic, we can’t go to the stadium, so I bought a big tv to feel like I am watching a match at the stadium. Buying such an expensive TV is a very big investment for people like me who are not that financially well, and due to corona, many people’s income has got affected. I am extremely excited about ipl 2020. 


Rohit Chaudhary-  

Finally, our dream is coming true that IPL is happening. Now Indians will get some entertainment. Cricket is genuinely loved by all the Indians. And I am super excited about it. Every year I go to the stadium to watch cricket because watching in the stadium has a different aura altogether. Having said that, if due to this Covid if we are getting to IPL through television, then also it is very exciting. I will miss watching cricket at the stadium. I support Mumbai Indian always, but if I talk about my favorite cricketer than non-other than super energetic Virat Kohli. He always gives his 1000 percent. Also, he lives in cricket. He is an all-rounder. As the matches are happening without an audience. But we have heard that in the last 2 or 3 matches the audience will get permission to see. So, if this happens then I will fly to Dubai to watch cricket. 


Sharad Malhotra-

I love the spirit of IPL and the craziness that it comes with! I watch cricket, and I enjoy the game. In India, entertainment and cricket are the best entertainers. I will be following the match as much as my schedule allows! My favorite team is Mumbai Indians, but this time it’s going to be about MS Dhoni. I have loved watching him play, and seeing him spin the magic once again is going to be super amazing! 


Jasmin Bhasin-  

I love cricket! I can watch cricket all day long, but unfortunately, my shoot schedule doesn’t allow it. Of course, I will be watching IPL this season. Even though it is not happening in India, and we will miss the madness of the crowds in a stadium, I think it is important to show support in the spirit of the game! I am supporting Mumbai Indians and will cheer for them! Of course, I wish this pandemic gets over by the time. The next season happens because nothing beats the excitement of having our very own IPL in India and not another country.  


Kettan Singh-  

I enjoy watching cricket. I keep myself updated with it as much as I can, but on days when I can’t watch, I am happy with the highlights. This year IPL will not be in India, and that is something I feel bad about. However, keeping everyone healthy and safe is a priority, and crowds should be avoided at all costs. I love seeing MS Dhoni play. So, I will be rooting for him this time. Not supporting any team in particular but will cheer for Mahi as much as I can. I hope I can find time to watch all the matches! 

So, these were your favorite Television actors on IPL. Stay connected to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates. 

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