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Hindi Diwas: Celebs say don’t judge Hindi speakers

Believe it or not, if you pay a closer look around yourself you will see people hardly speak in Hindi now. The country where the national language is Hindi is the second-largest English-speaking country in the world. And the language has become so important in our lives, that somewhere we have forgotten even the basics of Hindi. On Hindi Diwas, which is observed on September 14, we spoke to celebs about the language and it’s important to them. Celebs say don’t judge Hindi speakers. Here’s what they had to say: 

Celebs say don’t judge Hindi speakers:

Celebs say don't judge Hindi speakers

Rishina Kandhari:  

I love my language and I am a very proud Indian. I try to speak in Hindi as much as possible, but sometimes at some places, it is not possible to speak in Hindi. However, I try to communicate with my daughter in Hindi as she speaks English in school. I feel proud that my Hindi language is very good. I have read many Hindi books and novels. Moreover, I want Hindi to not be an option in school but it should be a compulsory subject because in the coming days it will become very important and necessary to know the language. I want our next generation to learn pure Hindi and so, we should spread and create awareness of the Hindi language.  

Vijyaendra Kumeria:  

We should give a lot of emphasis on Hindi as it is our official language. Sadly, the youth finds it uncool when someone is more comfortable with Hindi over English. I think this thought should change. Knowing other languages is great but looking down upon Hindi is not cool. We should feel proud of our very own language. I do read Hindi literature whenever I can. The reason being it polishes my Hindi and I learn new words too. As an actor, it is very helpful for me to have a good command of the language. I think schools should make it a point to give Hindi more weightage, just like any other important subject. 

Aniruddh Dave:  

I am a Hindi speaking person, I love the language and I would like to say. “Nari ke mathe pe sajti jaisi bindi hai, humko toh lagti hai pyari bhasa humari Hindi hai.”; I was born in Hindustan and I speak in Hindi only, in fact, 90 percent of my tweets are in Hindi. It is very necessary to have command of our national language. If someone explains a character to me in Hindi, it feels good because finally at the end of the day we have to act in Hindi only. I read Hindi stories and upanyas and I have read more than 300 to 400 books and during lockdown also I read a lot. It’s a good practice that one should learn our national language. Every year on this day, Hindi diwas, I write poetry, and this year also I will write and post it on my social media. 

So, this is what celebs say don’t judge Hindi speakers on Hindi Diwas. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates. 

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