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Cine and Television Artiste Association (CINTAA) to soon be start raising funds for senior actors


The Cine and Television Artist Association (CINTAA) will soon organize star evenings and CINTAA awards to earn cash. “We will request all our celebrities to perform at a fair fee and monies collected from there may be used for the welfare of our senior members and those who are below the poverty line,” CINTAA General Secretary Amit Behl stated.

Cine and Television Artiste Association (CINTAA) to soon be start raising funds for senior actors

Several elderly performers have experienced glory in their heydays, and no one wants to see them die in poverty. According to Behl, “Actors such as Bhagwan Dada and Bharat Bhushan are instances. As a result, we ask for your help. Acting is now recognized as a talent, and we need to have access to the same government advantages that freelancers in other industries enjoy “..

CINTAA president Vikram Gokhale has given property on the outskirts of Pune for a Marathi actors’ old age home and another for CINTAA members’ old age home, but finances are needed to construct it. “We’re going to approach the state and federal governments, as well as large corporations that contribute money via CSR, to assist us to generate cash for old age homes and other programs since these artists are dying in poverty and without social security,” Behl explained.

Cine and Television Artiste Association (CINTAA) to soon be start raising funds for senior actors

CINTAA has a little budget, but it intends to provide a 24-hour hotline for its members who want assistance. According to Behl, “We need to reach out to members suffering from anxiety and senior members. We have a small corpus and will need help with that as well. Our members pay about Rs 60,000 over seven years to become life members. The most we can pay in death benefits is about Rs 1 lakh. The government will have to assist us since we, as performers, contribute so much to the exchequer. When it comes to social advertising, our performers are at the forefront. They are the ones that garner the most attention,” he added.


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