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Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye serial: Sameer gives only one chance to Chikoo with scholarship


Bollywood Hush is back with the latest, and exclusive updates on the new Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye serial. The ace producers Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot have some major drama in the upcoming story. In the latest Wednesday episode, we saw that Chikoo and Dhanush come out of the principal office. Dhanush pushes her and gives her a warning not to compete with him or else he will make sure that he will shatter her confidence, intelligence and her.

Chikoo starts imagining giving it back to him. However, she comes back to reality when he tells her to stop daydreaming. She then wishes him the best and leaves. Meanwhile, at Joshi’s abode, Savitri is remembering how everything changed after Nupur’s death. Later, Shashikant too passed away and Milind went to an ashram. Just then, Mini enters and picks up a peda. Kamini stops her by saying that it is just for the family. Nivaan tells Mini to go to her room. She tells him that the time will change when she will get married to Dhanush. However, Nivaan says that Dhanush is focused on his career and doesn’t want to get married.  

Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye serial:

Meanwhile, Dhanush’s mom is telling him that he can never become like his father and he will only fail. She tells him that she knows that there is another candidate for the scholarship, and he has to win. After she leaves, his cousin Keshav justifies her behaviour saying she has a lot of responsibilities.  

Later, Chikoo is shocked to see Sameer, Gajak, and Pushpa. Sameer asks her to come back with him. Just then, he sees the scholarship form and asks her about it. She requests him to let her stay in Mumbai and complete her last year. He agrees on one condition that she wins the scholarship. 

The next day, at college, Mini’s friends tell her that Chikoo is a strong competitor and she has a chance of winning the scholarship. They tell her if Chikoo wins it, Dhanush will become a zero from a hero. 

In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Mini tells Dhanush about a plan with which he can win the scholarship. Chikoo then goes to meet someone for a college tour but finds Dhanush there. Dhanush takes her on a tour and tells her that she will get the VIP treatment. To know what happens next, keep watching the show.     

So, this was all about the latest Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye serial updates. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for the latest Hindi TV serial gossip. 

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