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Celebs on World Book Day share the books that helped them during the pandemic | Meera Deosthale to Sharad Malhotra


On World Book Day which is observed on April 23. We asked a few celebs how books helped them during the lockdown and are still keeping them creatively occupied amidst the ongoing pandemic. Celebs on World Book Day. Here’s what they had to say:

Celebs on World Book Day: 

Celebs on World Book Day

  Reading made me introspect   

Saahil Uppal: I was never a book reader. I only started reading during the lockdown announcement due to the pandemic as I had a lot of time. The kind of books I started with, gave me a lot of different perspectives, thoughts, and endless and unrestricted imaginations. It is a great benefit to my vocabulary and knowledge. No wonder trends come and go, but books have been around for a long time now and haven’t lost their importance throughout the years.  


Reading books is meditation 

Meera Deosthale: I love reading books. I get some sense of calm, and it’s like meditation for me. Also, I read a lot of books during the lockdown. I read all genres. I enjoy fiction the most, though. But books made a huge impact on me and my lifestyle. I think for me being a well-read person comes before being highly educated. When we read books, we enter a whole new world created by the writers. We learn, our perception towards a lot of things changes. Our vocabulary increases for sure. It only gets better for us. 


Enjoy a book with coffee 

Prateik Chaudhary: Being an actor, not only on pandemic or lockdown but on even usual days I do read books. Just to know more about the cinema, life or art. But yes, definitely reading books is one of the best therapy ones can find in this pandemic. I love to read books mostly related to cinema or art. Currently, I am reading this book called Game of Thrones. So far, it’s one of the best stories I have ever come across. And it’s also one of my top favourite drama series. I also love to read books that keep you self-motivated and help in your personal and professional growth. Nowadays, technology is too fast. We majorly prefer reading books online. But I prefer, books ko haath me lekar Padhne me jo feel hai with a mug of coffee in your balcony wo online padhne me Nahi hai. Try it you will also love it.


Audiobooks are amazing 

Nitin Kumar Gupta: I discovered audiobooks during the pandemic on topics ranging from the role of artificial intelligence in the future world, new economic principles, minimum basic wages, and happiness index. This sound boring but give an expansive idea of what the world should be like instead of people just waking up, earning a living, and going back to sleep every day for 70% of their lives. All successful men and women are voracious book readers. Books are the shortest and most comprehensive way to learn anything quickly. YouTube videos help but generally.  


Books expand your mind 

Hasan Zaidi: It was not just during the pandemic; books have always been a part of my life. My father was an avid reader, he was a professor and a prolific poet, and he always encouraged us to read and gifted us books. I have always enjoyed reading autobiographies and biographies of actors and filmmakers. Books provide a getaway to a lot of knowledge; they also provide you brilliant stories. Whenever we read a book, we form visuals in our heads. And those visuals come from my mind, but they are someone else’s words, and I find that very interesting. Books help you expand your mind, your emotional and intelligence quotients. And it is just wonderful to acquire knowledge and wisdom and sometimes just simple old storytelling. I am currently reading a book called Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey. 


  Reading makes you a conversation starter   

Sharad Malhotra: I love to read, it’s not just during the pandemic, but I have always loved to read. I am into autobiographies and have read those on Adolf Hitler, Charlie Chaplin, Sachin Tendulkar, Karan Johar, and Rajesh Khanna. I feel books make you forget where you are, what you are doing and engage your mind with those beautiful words. They take you on a journey where it’s the visuals are left to your imagination. And it’s only the words that play. My wife Ripci too is a bookaholic, and she is more into books than me. I feel reading makes you a conversation starter. It not only gives you knowledge but is also good for your mind. Especially in today’s world. I feel people should spend more time on books than on screens. 


Books are friends 

Aniruddh Dave: Book reading habit I got from my parents.  I love to read non-fiction. Books Gyaan Ka Bhandar Hoti hai. One must-read books. I want my son also to read books when he grows up. During trying times, books can be a good friend. I read few books during the pandemic. One of the most interesting books I recommend is When Bad things happen to good people by Harold S. Kushner I don’t like to borrow, I prefer buying books. One must read a book per month. 

So, this was all about Celebs on World Book Day. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates. 

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