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Candid chat with television actor Amal Sherawat | Reveals his take on Covid & society


All our plans for the next few months have been indefinitely put on hold. Due to the deadly Coronavirus that the world is trying to fight. In the chat with television actor Amal Sherawat, he says that he has learned that everything happens according to destiny. “The lockdown has taught us that you can’t plan anything. It has reminded me that God proposes and man disposes of. So, there is nothing which is in the hand of man. Whenever God wants something, our entire planning goes for a toss. So, the only thing you can do is work honestly and then leave everything to God. I am happy that I am getting to spend time with my family. But I also missed my work when the total lockdown was there,” he says. 

Talking about how he takes care of his skin and body during this time, Amal says, “I believe, being a guy, I don’t have to do a lot of things for my beauty, but I have to work out regularly to maintain my physique. Apart from that, I maintain basic hygiene. I am also eating healthy, trying to get proper sleep; these are the things which I follow regularly to have good glowing skin and a chiseled body. Nowadays, I am also getting a lot of rest along with my home workout regime, which is why I am looking better.” 

Chat with television actor Amal Sherawat:

chat with television actor Amal Sherawat

Amal is making sure to keep a positive attitude irrespective of circumstances. “I am a very optimistic person, Also, I try to always look at the brighter side of the situation. I believe every situation is like a half glass empty and half glass full situation. I purposely look at the fuller side of the glass. I also engage myself in activities that I enjoy a lot. They also keep me motivated and happy,” he says. 

He further adds, “Attitude of gratitude is very important in life. Time flies and the time once wasted never returns. We must know who are the people who matter to us and will stand by us at all times”. 

So, this was all in the chat with television actor Amal Sherawat. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates. 

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