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Anupamaa BIG TWIST: Vanraj to divorce Kavya?


The Friday episode of Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi’s serial Anupamaa has some major drama in store for the viewers. The episode will start on a happy note. Vanraj is getting Babuji ready for the wedding. Meanwhile, Anupamaa and Dolly are busy getting Baa ready for the same. We will then see Babuji making a grand entrance on the song “Saajan Ji Ghar Aaye”. The whole Shah family along with Anuj Kapadia and GK are present to get Baa and Babuji get married. Read on to know more about Vanraj to divorce Kavya? 

We will then see Samar will ask everyone to come together for a photo. Vanraj chooses to stand next to Anupamaa, this makes Kavya feel uncomfortable. Kavya pulls Anupamaa by her hand leaving everyone shocked. She says that Anupamaa had insulted her during Kinjal and Paritosh’s wedding, and now it is her time to take revenge. Vanraj tries to stop Kavya, but Anupamaa tells him that it is okay and she will talk with her.  

Vanraj to divorce Kavya?

Kavya pulls Anupamaa to her old bedroom on purpose and locks the door. She then confronts Anupamaa on why is she always at the house. Anupamaa says she visits only for the family and she doesn’t have any interest in interfering between her and Vanraj. She also tells her that though she has gained the house, she has lost the family and even her husband, Vanraj.  

In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Vanraj hands over some papers to Kavya. While she happily opens it, she is shocked to see that they are divorce papers. Vanraj then announces that it’s time that his second marriage too ended. Will Vanraj divorce Kavya? To know what happens next, keep watching “Anupamaa”.   

So, this was all about the episode where we will find out if Vanraj to divorce Kavya. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for the latest Hindi TV serial gossip and updates. 

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