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Anita to use Dhara’s insecurities as a weapon in Pandya Store


The current episode of Star Plus’s “Pandya Store” is around a pregnant woman’s trip. Dhara observed an argument in her neighborhood in which the husband had been cheating on his pregnant wife. Dhara has been ruminating on the subject. She also has the impression that no one is allowing her to work or involving her in domestic tasks as she would want.

Pandya Store Spoiler Alert

Raavi cooks in the kitchen in the forthcoming episode. Shiva appears out of nowhere, and turmeric falls on both of them. Dhara arrives and accuses Raavi of squandering the spices in the kitchen. She lashes out at her one moment and then bursts out laughing the next. Later, she assures both Raavi and Shiva that their relationship may be revived since it is a sign from the cosmos.

Anita to use Dhara's insecurities as a weapon in Pandya Store

Dhara discovers Gautam requesting Krish to bring Dhara a skincare cream because he has heard that women’s skin begins to pale during pregnancy. When Dhara hears it, she gets the impression that Gautam is already concerned about her appearance. When Anita arrives, Dhara becomes enraged with her. When Anita learns about Dhara’s fears, she believes the drugs are working and that she would soon abandon Gautam.

As soon as she enters the room, her mood swings kick in, and she begins behaving erratically with Raavi and Rishita. Dhara had been craving a sweet dessert, which Raavi prepares. Dhara becomes teary-eyed and hugs her. Raavi warns her not to cry since her face will turn pale if she does. Dhara becomes agitated when he considers the situation.

Suman also mentions a couple that divorced while the woman was pregnant because the male was having an extramarital affair. Dhara feels agitated as a result of this.

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