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Actor Yogendranath Kumaria Plays ‘Pure Soul’ In ‘Rakshabandhan… Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhaal’


“Rakshabandhan… Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhaal” actor Yogendranath Kumaria describes his character in the show as a “pure soul”. 

“To be honest, I am not like Bheem (my character) in real life. He gets harassed, taunted and scolded by his wife, but I get into the skin of the character when I dress up and I change my body language. The love and affection for his sister and faithfulness to Sarpanchsa is endearing. This is the first time I am playing such an emotional character. He is such a pure soul. I am intrigued by Bheem, and I am lucky to play this character,” he said. 

He is also getting compliments for his role. “Feedback for the show has been very positive. I am getting a lot of compliments for the show, as well as my character and all the actors in the show. People say that they’d also like to have a husband like Bheem whom they can scold and make him work,” he said with a laugh.  

Talking about the show, he said that the story is full of emotions, affection and love for siblings. “Here, the bonding between the father and his kids, the love between the brother and sister, is a refreshing concept, and away from kitchen politics,” said Yogendranath.  

Actor Yogendranath Kumaria in Rakshabandhan:

Actor Yogendranath Kumaria in Rakshabandhan

The show has a very authentic Rajasthani flavour, and his look is also unique.  To get the look right, he said that it took him about 15 or 20 minutes on the first day of the shoot. Later, it didn’t take him more than five minutes to nail the look.  The show also stars Nishant Singh Malkani and Nyrraa Banerji.  “All are great co-stars. I have a good bonding with all of them. It would be wrong to say so and so is my favourite,” said Yogendranath.  “Rakshabandhan…” is produced by Yash and Mamta Patnaik.  “I am very thankful to Yash Ji and Mamta Ji for allowing me to play a character like Bheem. It has been my good fortune to work with Yash Ji and Mamta Ji. Unfortunately, I have not met them in person, but they have taken good care of the actors. God bless them with lots of success. I hope to be a part of their future endeavours,” said the actor.  

Any interesting incident from the set?  

“Kamlesh shouts at me in all the scenes, and I listen quietly. This has made my wife more than happy. Now at home, she does not make me miss Kamlesh as she takes her place,” he said.  

As for learnings from the pandemic? He shared, “Be happy, live for the day, be grateful to God every day, as you are alive and breathing, do good, and goodwill come back to you.” 

With this, the Actor Yogendranath Kumaria signs off. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for the latest Hindi TV serial gossip and updates. 

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