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TV ShowsTelevision celebrities reveal their bedtime routine From Jasmin Bhasin to Vikas Sethi...

Television celebrities reveal their bedtime routine From Jasmin Bhasin to Vikas Sethi –

Sleep is so essential for our bodies. After a long tiring day, all you see is the bed, so that you can lie down and relax a bit. Television celebrities reveal their bedtime routine. From Jasmin Bhasin to Vikas Sethi opens up about their night time. But having a bedtime ritual is equally important. Before you get lost in your dreams, it’s crucial to end the day on a positive note and be grateful for all good things. So here are some celebs sharing what they do before sleeping, read on:  

Television celebrities reveal their bedtime routine:

Television celebrities reveal their bedtime routine From Jasmin Bhasin to Vikas Sethi -

Jasmin Bhasin:  

I binge watch some show and then I cuddle with my pets for a while that makes me happy and gives me peace.   

Vikas Sethi:  

I watch videos online preferably comedy, cooking, or history. I love my alone time. It’s my absolute favorite. 

Meera Deosthale:   

I usually watch some movies or series. But after I turn it off, I read a few pages from a book. I tend to get dreams if I sleep just like that. So, reading helps me, it’s like meditation to me. And yes, I also pray before closing my eyes. 

Dhruvee Haldankar:  

I take a minute for a gratitude practice. Essentially gratitude practice is choosing what thoughts I want to think of and prepare my mind to sleep silently.  

Ankit Siwach:  

I play chess on my phone. I have spent hundreds of hours playing chess during the lockdown, whatever time it may be, it has now become an addiction. 

Jhanvi Sethi:  

I chant the Navkar mantra every night. I am a believer. 

Aarvika Gupta:  

I pray and do meditation before sleeping. I do heal also it helps me a lot to be calm. Relaxing your mind makes you fall asleep easily and gives you a good sleep, and it’s vital for me to wake up on time. I watch some series or films in the evening or afternoon. 

Shilpa Raizada:  

I always say my prayers before sleeping. 

Vijayendra Kumeria:  

I have the habit of having green tea just before sleeping. Sometimes I read and sometimes I watch some light comedy movies. 

Avinash Mukherjee:  

I pray to Shiva before I sleep or sometimes when I am in the mood then I listen to soulful Sufi songs. 

Pranitaa Pandit:  

I talk to a few friends, after that, I do some binge-watching with my husband. Then I say my prayers and that’s it.  

Ashna Kishore:  

I have this skincare routine I do that and then I write a good night message to all my close ones. Lastly, I thank God for blessing me.  

Angad Hasija:  

I have read somewhere that before sleeping you should be never on the phone or tv so now I try to avoid all this. Before sleeping I read some good things. Since I am in Chandigarh now, I talk to my mom so this habit changed during the lockdown. 

Mou Das:  

Of late I have realized that routine and discipline are a must. You might call it signs of aging or maturity. On a more serious note, I practice meditation intently and have started enjoying my journey within. Meditation has not only helped me in managing stress during this bad, pandemic scenario but has also gotten me true wisdom. Now I find myself waiting for the silence of the nights when the noises will recede, and I will delve deep within, practice mindfulness, and have some moments of thoughtlessness, which is complicated to explain but divine. I look forward to these rendezvous with my within. 

Kettan Singh:  

I watch a movie. I don’t have the patience to watch a series unless and until the series interests me in the first two episodes. 

Urvashi Upadhyay Sharle:  

Before sleeping I play Hanuman Chalisa on my phone and we also listen to Om Namah Bhagwate Vasudevaye 108 time and we fall asleep while listening to it. 

So, these were your favorite celebrities Television celebrities reveal their bedtime routine. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates.