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TV ShowsTelevision Celebrities on the TikTok ban from India

Television Celebrities on the TikTok ban from India

Many countries are not happy with China after the Coronavirus outbreak. The deadly virus has taken many lives and is still spreading dangerously. The cure for the virus is still not discovered.  Many citizens are now banning Chinese products and services. TikTok ban is one of the most important topics on the internet right now. The television celebrities on the TikTok ban shared their opinions with us.  

Television Celebrities on the TikTok ban:

Television Celebrities on the TikTok ban from India

Vikas Sethi:

Why TikTok, there are thousands of products made in china like mobiles, laptops, TVs, your decoration lights and millions of other products. To pick one thing because its social media is not fair. 

Vijayendra Kumeria:

It’s an individual’s choice whether to use TikTok or not. I am not a fan of this app. I feel it is unproductive to make such videos but I don’t think that because corona started in China. 

Rishina Kandhari:

 Tiktok should be deleted. It’s not because of corona or something but it’s a nuisance for the eyes and ears as well. I hate TikTok and I am not on TikTok and never will be. I think that people should delete it. There are a lot of celebrities in TikTok and they are encouraging it and TikTok is paying them a huge amount of money. But I think they are being ridiculed by everybody and that’s not good. China is trying to become the next superpower; people are saying or assuming that they have done this all deliberately. Life in China is back to normal and the manufacturing of almost everything has begun over there. The gloves and mass which we are wearing are manufactured over there and supplied to different parts of the world, which is again not good. 

Kunal Thakur:

 Tiktok is an application from China and the virus has also come from China. But this is not related to any application and I know actors and people who enjoy Tiktok quite a lot. These days they are making full use of the application but I don’t think TikTok should be banned. But yes, I know that in TikTok many useless things run which doesn’t make any sense. Many people risk their life because of TikTok videos and many times they do such unsafe things which are not advisable. But I don’t think there is any co-relation with Coronavirus. 

Shashank Vyas:

I am not on TikTok as I am not so fond of it and neither does it attract me. As we all are aware, the origin of coronavirus is in China. Now, there is a theory floating on social media and the minds of a lot of Indians too that it is a man-made virus and a strategy by China. It’s earning its major revenue and fan following from India. Also, there have been so many registered deaths (especially youth) while making TikTok videos. Not only TikTok, but I will also try to refrain from using whatever Chinese products that come in my direct contact and knowledge. And trust me there is a huge number of people who feel like this today once you check out social media platforms where petitions are being raised and signed to ban TikTok. 

Shweta Rohira:

I haven’t used TikTok much and I am not too active on it. So, the ones who are using it would be the right ones to comment. However, if it’s entertaining us in this difficult phase, there’s no harm. We have so many things that are made in China that if we ban or refrain from using all of them, we will be left with very few things. This also should make us realize that we need to in future value and motivate things and apps made in India too so that more and more Make in India items rule the digital world. 

Amal Sehrawat:

Are you serious? If that’s the case then almost everything we use i.e. mobiles, televisions and many other household items, industrial items, etc should also be banned as most of them are manufactured in China. The need of the hour is to fight against COVID 19 and not against any nation. 

Jasmin Bhasin:

I think it would be very mean to say that because it started in China, so China spread Covid 19. I don’t think any country would do this intentionally or China did this intentionally. It’s just was a virus that originated from there and it has spread. We shouldn’t be blaming anybody but instead, we should be following all the safety precautions to get over it. Also, it would be a very mean thing to stop using TikTok because its origin is in China. I think we should keep using the application. 

Rohitashv Gour:

I agree that TikTok has come from China. But people have loved this app so much that I don’t think they will stop using this app. Because of this, they will be able to showcase their creative side and acting skills. They feel that to showcase their talent, this is the best platform. If people don’t put any vulgar content on this, then I don’t think that is application is bad. At least this app keeps people busy and is not bad for our country. I know that Corona has originated from China which is bad but TikTok is good that’s the reason we should not ban it. 

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