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Television actors share their New Year Resolutions and plans | From Vijayendra Kumeria to Subuhii Joshii

2020 is almost over, and actors are gearing up for the next year. Here are their New Year resolutions! Know all about your favorite television actors share their New Year Resolutions and plans  

  Television actors share their New Year Resolutions and plans

Television actors share their New Year Resolutions and plans | From Vijayendra Kumeria to Subuhii Joshii

Pratick Chaudharry:  

I want to be more committed to my work and my fitness. I want to continue with my process, without taking a break and also to stay happy and positive no matter what the circumstances are. We cannot control what goes on on the outside but can control how we are dealing with it inside. 


Rajesh Kumar:  

My new resolution is to not leave any stone unturned in doing a lot of web series. The biggest resolution is that I will bag one negative role. Secondly, the utmost and most important resolution is that I have been involved in farming for three years, and I am going to push it to the market and get as many farmers on board as I can. I just go for a vocal for local, like what the prime minister has said. I want to make it a reality in Bihar and in and around Mumbai and going to pan India so a lot of work is there for next year. 


Mrunal Jain:   

I will go to Sikkim for a holiday. I have been wanting to go there for a long time. It seems to be a traveler’s delight. 


Vijayendra Kumeria:  

My New Year resolution is to explore the digital space, be it acting or production, as I always say, and we all know digital entertainment is the future. I will try my best to make my space in that space. I will put in a lot of hard work from my side. And I am hopeful that I will achieve it too. 


Vijay Pushkar:  

My new year’s resolution is to focus completely on work as I have already lost more than nine months because of pandemic and lockdown. I am eager to get back to work. Being in front of the camera gives me a different kind of high. It’s my passion and I enjoy it the most because work is my energy. I’m most balanced in mind, body, and energy-wise when I’m working. Next year, I want to work to stay positive, live positive, attract positive things. 


Pranitaa Pandit:  

My New Year resolution is to lose the weight that I have put on and get back into shape. I want to start working and be able to manage everything well and have balance in my life. I am looking forward to a year where we are all free, and there is no pandemic. And the whole Covid-19 situation is over. I also want to do an MBA and study further. 


Rajshri Rani:  

I have realized that true happiness is in making good memories rather than spending on luxuries. I want to promise to spend less and save more next year. 


Gaurav Mukesh:  

After this pandemic, I realized one very important thing and that is to spend more time with my loved ones. To call them regularly instead of texting or WhatsApp… and to remain positive no matter what the situation is. 


Aanushka Ramesh:  

I don’t believe in making New Year resolutions because I think they are just meant to be broken, and no one can stick to them. I think that resolutions and positive changes should be part of everyday life and not something meant just for the New Year. But I do believe in entering the New Year with a lot of positivity and happiness because I think that sets the tone and carries forward for the entire next year. 


Abhinandan Jindal:  

I want to work more prominently and get my real image as an actor in front of the audience. 


Subuhii Joshii:  

I think I am not someone who believes in having resolutions, especially for the new year. We need to make resolutions the entire year. This new year I will work on myself on being a better person with every passing day. 

So, this was all on your favorite television actors share their New Year Resolutions and plans. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates. 

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