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Tejasswi Prakash marriage rumours; Says, “It feels amazing to be in love with Karan Kundrra”

Soon after winning Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 15, Tejasswi Prakash began filming for the Ekta Kapoor-backed TV show Naagin 6. In a recent interview with Pinkvilla, the actress discussed her love for Karan Kundrra. Read on Tejasswi Prakash marriage rumours and what the Naagin 6 actress has to say.

Tejasswi Prakash Marriage

Tejasswi Prakash marriage rumours; Says, "It feels amazing to be in love with Karan Kundrra"

Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra’s relationship started on Bigg Boss 15. Speaking about the relationship, Tejasswi said, “It’s amazing to be in love. I’ve always been a sucker for love. It’s only when it’s with Karan that it’s even better. He’s incredible. I believe he is also becoming aware of a lot about himself. ‘The Karan Kundrra’ that many people knew outside is no longer the same, and he loves it.”

“There have been these videos of him being this sexy dude saying, ‘oh no no, I detest baby words,’ and then cutting to him calling me laddoo, my puppy, and all of that. So he’s evolved as a person, and I believe him when he claims he’s never felt this way before. I can see that; it’s extremely obvious. His feelings for me are so unusual. It’s impossible to miss,” she continues.

Is it time to ring the wedding bell? “I’m not sure, I’m quite busy, and he is as well. If you have any questions about marriage, please direct them to Karan because he has been discussing it and should be able to answer them all. I’ve been blaming it on him. Do not expect me to say anything because he has not proposed anything.” Tejasswi laughs as he says, “Just talk to him.”

Meanwhile, her sixth season of Naagin is set to premiere this weekend.

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