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MoviesBollywood MoviesTeam Kangana Ranaut call Alia Bhatt 'Dumb Bimbo' on her childhood picture

Team Kangana Ranaut call Alia Bhatt ‘Dumb Bimbo’ on her childhood picture

The actress Kangana manages to stay in headlines through her bold personality. Similarly, her team walking in her footsteps. Team Kangana Ranaut call Alia Bhatt ‘Dumb Bimbo’ and that too on her childhood picture. Using the vilest words on the picture of an innocent child is really degrading. It only shows how low you can go to insult someone. 

The Bollywood industry is currently a war zone. The war that started after the death of the 34-year-old actor is still on after two months of his death. In the debate of insider and outsider, actress Kangana Ranaut has strongly emerged in the news. The actress is brutally bashing the bigwigs and others related in the death case. The actress Kangana Ranaut is known for her bold and blabbermouth personality but the question is how far can you go to insult or bash someone.  

Team Kangana Ranaut call Alia Bhatt ‘Dumb Bimbo’:

Team Kangana Ranaut call Alia Bhatt 'Dumb Bimbo' on her childhood picture

Not only Team Kangana Ranaut call Alia Bhatt ‘Dumb Bimbo’ as a child, but they also compared Sushant’s and her childhood pictures. compare how two toddlers look and also spew venom through words is the meanest thing a person or a group could do. Comparing looks is nothing new to society. We as humans have been doing it for generations. Drawing an analogy between beauty should certainly be a thing of the past), and comparing how two kids look is something that has been regarded as plain unacceptable in any generation.  

Team Kangana Ranaut, the actress’ (so-called) official Twitter community, decided to ask netizens whether Alia Bhatt or Sushant Singh Rajput looked cuter as a kid, and even proceeded to use the meanest of terms to describe Alia’s adorable infant pic. Recently, Alia Bhatt shared her infant picture on Instagram. Taking it to their advantage team Kangana to use the vilest of words on the picture. Tell us what are your thoughts on the story above through the comments. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates.