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MoviesBollywood MoviesSwara Bhaskar Gives Reasons for Losing a lot of Work

Swara Bhaskar Gives Reasons for Losing a lot of Work

Swara Bhaskar has been bold and fearless throughout. The actress always takes a stand for what she believes in. She quite frequently makes it to the news by the voicing her thoughts on social media. Now, in an interview with FirstPost, the actress has opened up about losing work due to her habit of taking stands and positions.

Swara Bhaskar Opens about the drawbacks of Voicing her Opinions:

On being questioned if her work has suffered due to her opinions, the actress gave a positive reply. She said, “Yes, of course, there is no denying that, and I have to admit that I have lost a lot of work because of the positions I have taken. But it is fine. It is a collateral that I have come to accept. I don’t seek and I don’t say things from a position of an influence. I am not a paid influencer, I am not paid to say these things. I say these things because I genuinely believe in it. I am willing to bear that brunt.” Clearly, the actress is dauntless and sets the bar high for fearless women.

Swara also admitted that the social backlash, that she gets due to her firm opinions, bothers her. She said, “I have had to learn to develop a thick skin for it, which is actually sad because it just shows that you have to desensitise yourself, which is not necessarily a nice thing. But I don’t have a choice because you have to survive. But sometimes, I feel sad that people have forgotten that there is a real human being behind that Twitter or Instagram handle.”

The gorgeous actress Swara Bhaskar is clearly an amalgamation of emotions and strength. Tell us about your love for the actress through the comments section below.

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