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Sushant’s Friend Yuvraj S. Singh makes Shocking Revelations on excessive Usage of Hard Drugs in B-Town

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case when probed by the Enforcement Directorate revealed a drug angle. The case was henceforth probed by the Narcotics Central Bureau. Also, Rhea Chakraborty was arrested by the NCB for procuring and financing drugs with Sushant Singh Rajput. Many allegations and blames took place for Bollywood celebs. They were accused of consuming drugs on a regular basis. In addition, names like Sara Ali Khan and Rakul Preet Singh also did rounds on the internet and were held responsible for consuming drugs. Now, Sushant’s friend Yuvraj S. Sigh who is an actor as well as producer has come forth to talk on the same matter. He said that weed is very common on sets and many A listed actors consume drugs.

Sushant’s friend Yuvraj says Weed Common on Sets:

Yuvraj told IANS that drugs have been common in the industry from a very long time. He even went on to mention that all this may be happening since 1970s. He said that since there was no social media so there couldn’t be proper exposure and hence now everything is getting exposed. The producer said that many people in the industry like, actors and filmmakers take drugs and roam around.

He further made a shocking revelation that on sets weed is common. Cameraperson to technicians, everyone consumes weed. Weed is like a cigarette and Bollywood parties have cocaine. He also mentioned other narcotics substances like MDMA and LSD. He was quoted as, “Cocaine is also a very hard drug, and I would say that fuive to eight actors of the industry need to get off it, nahi toh marr jayenge yeh log”

The actor also claimed, “So, the drug culture is very prevalent in the industry. You can say that the top 10 or 15 A-listers are pretty much addicted to cocaine.”

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